Friends, Season 4

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1. The One With The Jellyfish

with: Christine Taylor as Bonnie
Teri Garr as Phoebe Sr.

Ross dumps Bonnie, which takes all night ... she leaves in the morning. In the mean time, Rachel writes a long letter to Ross that she needs him to read before they get back together he tries to read it, but falls asleep. When Rachel asks him what he thought of the letter, Ross acts as though he read it and agrees with whatever the letter says. Once he discovers that the letter asks him to take full responsibility for the breakup, Ross isn't sure if he can keep up the charade. The burden of revealing Ross' true feelings causes the couple to break up once again. Meanwhile, Phoebe, upset that her real mother never tried to contact her, tells Phoebe Sr. that she never wants to see her again. Ultimately, the two reconcile. Monica, Joey, and Chandler spend the day at the beach. When Monica gets stung by a jellyfish, Joey insists that peeing on the wound will lessen the pain. Monica, unable to "bend that way," asks Joey to do the honors. In the end, Joey gets "stage fright" and Chandler hat to do the deed.

2. The One With The Cat

with: Dan Gauthier as Chip
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Matthew Kaminksy as Tony
Ken Weiler as Peter
Marc Unger as The Thief

Monica runs into Chip Matthews, Rachel's prom date and the popular boy in high school. When he calls to ask Monica out, Rachel thinks he's calling for her and makes a fool of herself in front of Ross. Unfortunately, Chip hasn't changed much since high school - while he's still cute, he also still happens to live with his parents and work at the local movie theater. Nonetheless, Monica fulfilled her dream of dating Chip ... and dumping Chip. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler place an ad in the paper to sell their entertainment center. When a prospective buyer asks Joey to demonstrate the spaciousness of the unit, Joey finds himself locked away while the apartment gets robbed. Phoebe finds a stray cat and is convinced that it's her mother reincarnated. A poster depicting the missing cat is found, but no one has the heart to tell Phoebe ... except for Ross.

3. The One With The Cuffs

with: Alison LaPlaca as Joanna
Penn Jillette as The Salesman
Laura Dean as Sophie
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller

Chandler runs into Rachel's boss Joanna and the two end up having quite a fling. When Rachel sneaks into Joanna's office to scope out the bonus list, Chandler just happens to be handcuffed naked to a chair. Chandler, completely humiliated, begs Rachel to free him. But, after doing so, Rachel realizes that she has tote-handcuff Chandler or else her boss will know she has a key to her office. She's no better off after handcuffing Chandler to the filing cabinet. Finally, after Chandler threatens to bust Rachel, she sets him free, but under the condition that she tell Monica and Phoebe that he's well endowed. Thanks to Joey's big mouth, Chandler's exalted reputation lasts all of five minutes. Meanwhile, Monica "pulls a Monica" when she caters a party for her mother and accidentally loses a fake nail in one of the quiches. A salesman tries to sell Joey a set of encyclopedias, but Joey can only afford to buy the "V" volume. The boys furnish their apartment with a canoe and some patio furniture.

4. The One With The Ballroom Dancing

with: Jason Brooks as Rick
Michael G. Hagerty as Mr. Treeger
Rhoda Gemignani as Mrs. Potter
E.J. Callahan as Mr. Simon
Brien Perry as Gym Employee
Christopher Carroll as Bank Officer
Amber Smith as Maria
Hope Allen as Karen
Cheryl Francis Harrington as Interviewer

When Joey chews out Mr. Treeger, the superintendent, for making Rachel cry, he nearly gets the girls evicted. To make up for it, Joey agrees to be Mr. Treeger's practice ballroom dancing partner. Mr. Treeger needs Joey's help so as to attract the attention of a certain female at the Superintendent's Ball. Ultimately, the two make great dancing partners. Meanwhile, Chandler takes Ross with him to the gym for moral support when he cancels his membership . Instead, -Ross ends up joining as well. Phoebe breaks her masseuse's oath and gets physical with one of her clients - she ends up being fired and he turns out to be married.

5. The One With Joey's New Girlfriend

with: Paget Brewster as Kathy
Laura Stepp as Amanda
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Brian "Fish" Smith as Josh

Chandler meets a very attractive girl, only to discover that she's dating Joey. As he gets to know Kathy better, Chandler's feelings grow deeper. Even though Joey appears to have no strong attachment to his new girlfriend, Chandler cannot help but respect that Kathy's his best friend's girl. Meanwhile, Rachel and Ross go out of their way to make each other jealous by mentioning their new love interests. Josh, Rachel's much younger beau, ends up stealing from her while Ross turns out to be nothing more than a baby-sitter for his new girlfriend Amanda. Phoebe's cold has turned her singing voice from high-pitched and whiny to sexy and sultry. When she recovers, she desperately tries to catch another cold.

6. The One With The Dirty Girl

with: Paget Brewster as Kathy
Rebecca Romijn as Cheryl
Gretchen Wyler as Mrs. Burkart
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

Chandler buys Kathy a rare copy of her favorite book "The Velveteen Rabbit" for her birthday. When Joey shows everyone his gift for Kathy, a pen that tells time, Chandler T that he can't let Joey give her a gift that's not as great as the one he got for her. Ultimately, Chandler has Joey give Kathy the book, but she knows who really bought her the special gift. Meanwhile, Monica borrows money from Phoebe so as to get her catering business off the ground. When she has trouble collecting the payment, Phoebe confronts the client for Monica -- the two realize that they make a great team. Rachel strives to finish a crossword puzzle all by herself, but really gets her answers by asking the gang random questions. Ross falls for a beautiful paleontologist -- that is until he discovers that she's a slob.

7. The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line

with: Paget Brewster as Kathy
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

When Chandler accidentally catches a glimpse of Kathy getting out of the shower, his frustrations reach their limit. When Joey's late for a date with Kathy because he's on another date with someone else, Chandler makes his move - the two kiss. Riddled with guilt, Chandler re-furnishes the apartment. When Kathy breaks up with Joey, he suspects there's another guy. Chandler admits that he's the other guy, which creates tension between the two friends. Meanwhile , Ross rediscovers his musical "sound," but he's actually not as talented as he and Phoebe seem to believe. Phoebe doesn't want to perform became she feels dwarfed but Ross' musical gift.

8. The One With Chandler In A Box

with: Michael Vartan as Dr. Tim Burke
Paget Brewster as Kathy
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Marcy Goldman as Nurse

Joey, still upset with Chandler because he kissed Kathy, decides to move out. When Chandler offers to make it up to Joey in any way possible, Joey makes him spend Thanksgiving day in one of the left-over furniture crates. When Kathy drops by to say that she's leaving because she doesn't want to be responsible for breaking up Joey and Chandler's friendship, Joey has a change of heart and lets his friend go after his girl. Meanwhile, Monica injures her eye, but doesn't want to see Richard again. She arranges to see the on-call doctor, who happens to be very cute and Richard's son. When the gang decides to draw names for secret Santa, it triggers Ross' pent-up feelings regarding Rachel's habit of exchanging gifts. Rachel makes Ross eat his words when she shows him all the momentos she kept from their courtship.

9. The One Where They're Going To A Party

with: Alison LaPlaca as Joanna
Taylor Negron as Allesandro
Richard Fancy as Mr. Posner
Jennifer Rhodes as Mrs. Lynch
Laura Dean as Sophie
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

Rachel decides to interview for a position as an assistant buyer, but Joanna, her bitter boss, ruins any chances Rachel had by lying about her character. When Rachel threatens to quit, Joanna creates an assistant buyer position for Rachel in her department instead. When she arrives at work the next day all ready to start her new position, Rachel discovers that Joanna died the night before ... of course the paperwork validating Rachel's promotion never went out. Meanwhile, Monica winds up getting a position as head chef at a local restaurant. Although Phoebe and Monica already bought a van for their catering business, Phoebe decides that Monica's happiness is more important than their joint business venture. The guys are all amped to party with their old buddy Gandolf, but he cancels at the last minute. When Joey suggests that they party without him, the evening ends short because everyone's too tired.

10. The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

with: Fred Stoller as The Waiter
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Jamie Kaler as Mike
Michael DiMaggio as Drew
Shannon Maureen Brown as The Woman On The Train
Amy Smallman as The Kitchen Worker
Yasemin Baytok as The Poughkeepsie Woman
Vic Helford as The Conductor

Monica hires Joey to work for her at the restaurant so that she can fire him and show everyone who's boss. When Joey decides he likes the tips, he screws up Monica's plan. When he witnesses the other waiters ganging up on Monica, Joey jumps into action and gets himself fired, all the while gaining respect for Monica. Meanwhile, Rachel asks Chandler to set her up with someone from work. When Chandler's co-workers discover that Rachel isn't looking for a commitment and she's hot, everyone begs for her number. Phoebe racks her brain trying to write a song for her friends as a Christmas/Hanukah gift. Ross dates a girl from Poughkeepsie, but decides that the distance is a problem. When he takes the train to break up with her, he falls asleep and wakes up in Montreal ... with a girl from Nova Scotia.

11. The One With Phoebe's Uterus

with: Teri Garr as Phoebe Sr.
Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
Paget Brewster as Kathy
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Sherri Shepherd as The Tour Guide
Miles Marisco as The Smart Kid
Jack Ong as The Older Scientist
Jim Bentley as Another Tour Guide
Chip Chinery as Another Scientist

Frank Jr. and Alice, having just eloped, ask Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for them. When Phoebe asks her birth mother for advice, Phoebe Sr. gives her daughter a puppy for a few days so she can see how difficult it is to give up something you love. Phoebe can't decide whether she's going to go through with the surrogacy - that is, until she gives Frank and Alice the puppy and sees how happy they are. If they're that happy over Phoebe giving them a puppy, how happy will they be when she gives them a child. Meanwhile, Ross gets Joey a job as a tour guide at the museum. At lunch Ross won't sit with his friend (the white coats don't sit with the blue blazers). Ross and Joey take a stand in the cafeteria, but they end up starting something that was better off left alone. Chandler, nervous about getting intimate with Kathy after she's been with Joey, asks the girls for advice and ends up hitting a home run.

12. The One With The Embryos

with: Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
Cindy Katz as Dr. Zane

Phoebe goes to the hospital to get fertilized with Frank and Alice's embryo. Because Frank and Alice can only afford to pay for the one session with the doctor, they decide to up their chances by implanting all five embryos. Feeling the pressure to conceive, Phoebe spends the rest of the day with her legs in the air. That night, a pregnancy test confirms that Phoebe is indeed expecting. Meanwhile, the guys challenge the girls to a trivia contest where the subject matter is ... each other. With the game tied, Monica ups the stakes by betting and losing their apartment to the guys.

13. The One With Rachel's Crush

with: Tate Donovan as Joshua
Paget Brewster as Kathy
Paxton Whitehead as Mr. Waltham

Ross and Chandler go to see Kathy perform in a play, but they didn't expect to see her physically "perform." A jealous Chandler begins to wonder if there's something going on off stage between Kathy and her handsome co-star. When Joey theorizes that poor chemistry on stage translates to major chemistry off stage, Chandler accuses Kathy of cheating, even though he can't really prove anything. When everyone laughs at Chandler for listening to Joey' s theory, he goes to Kathy's apartment to make up with her, only to find her in bed with her costar. She explains that nothing was going on, but since Chandler dumped her, she figured what the hell. Meanwhile, Rachel wants to desperately date a client at work. The guys tell her to entice him with something he can't refuse ... like tickets to a basketball game. When she tells him she has tickets, the client accepts them and takes his nephew instead of Rachel.

14. The One With Joey's Dirty Day

with: Tate Donovan as Joshua
Helen Baxendale as Emily
Paxton Whitehead as Mr. Waltham
Carlos LaCamara as The A.D.
Rocky McMurray as The Cigarette Guy
Charlton Heston

When Rachel's boss asks her to take his niece to the opera, she suddenly finds herself in a bind because Joshua, her crush, just moments before finally asked her out. Desperate, Rachel begs Ross to take Emily to the opera for her. Upon meeting her, Ross falls head-over-heels for the British beauty and the two find themselves spending the weekend together at a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Unfortunately, when Rachel tries to hook up with Joshua at his club that night, she gets turned away at the door. Meanwhile, exhausted from a recent fishing trip, Joey oversleeps for his big day acting on a Charlton Heston movie. Not having time to shower, Joey heads to the set and figures that he'll shower there. It just so happens that the only shower on set is the one in Charlton Heston's trailer. Joey goes for it and gets caught in the act by Chuck himself Monica and Phoebe take Chandler to a strip club to help him get over his break-up with Kathy.

15. The One With All The Rugby

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Mark Thomas as Liam
Adamo Palladino as Devon
Robin McDonald as Ticket Counter Attendant

Ross and Emily run into a couple of her friends from London - they invite Ross to partake in a "friendly" game of rugby the next day. Because one of the guys makes a point of mentioning his past fling with Emily, Ross feels determined to play and kick ass (particularly his ass!) While Emily warns Ross of the dangers of rugby, he goes for it anyway and nearly dies in the process. With a couple of pointers from his girl, Ross pulls some smooth moves and ends up proving himself with a vengeance. Ross realizes more than ever that he truly adores Emily and would do anything for her. Meanwhile, Chandler runs into a divorced Janice and she immediately assumes her old post as his obnoxious girlfriend. In an effort to get rid of her once and for all, Chandler lies and says he's relocating to Yemen for work. When Janice sees him off at the airport, Chandler must do one of two things: either fess-up or fly to Yemen ... he boards the plane. Monica tears the apartment apart while tracking an electrical wire that leads to a switch without an outlet.

16. The One With The Fake Party

with: Tate Donovan as Joshua
Helen Baxendale as Emily
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

In an act of desperation, Rachel hastily throws together a going away party for Emily as an excuse to invite Joshua over. Even though Ross has a romantic evening planned for his last night with her, Emily enjoys the party and doesn't want to leave. Rachel spends the evening persuading Joshua to stay by performing one humiliating stunt after the other. When Rachel confesses to Joshua that she's only trying to seduce him he reveals that the feeling is mutual ... except for the fact that he's just getting over a divorce and it's too soon for him start dating again. When Joshua leaves, Rachel sulks to Ross who is also disappointed - his big night with Emily was ruined. Rachel reminds Ross that the night is still young. Just then, Joshua reappears and Rachel invites him in for coffee and... Meanwhile, Phoebe is convinced that the baby needs meat because all other foods are making her nauseous. When she can no longer resist the temptation, Phoebe makes a deal with Joey if he abstains from eating meat for the rest of her pregnancy, than Phoebe can cat his meat and it won't be so wrong.

17. The One With The Free Porn

with: Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Helen Baxendale as Emily
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
Michael G. Hagerty as Mr. Treeger
Shirley Jordan as The Doctor

Emily must go back to London, and Ross doesn't know what to do. When Monica convinces him to dash off to the airport, meet Emily at the gate, and pledge his love to her, the plan backfires on Ross -- Emily replies "thank you" and then gets on the plane. Monica, being the romantic that she is, encourages her broken-hearted brother not to give up hope. But, when Emily calls Ross, she reveals that there's "another man" in London. On a whim, Ross flies to London to fight for his girl. In the meantime, Emily shows up at the boys' apartment in search of Ross. While waiting outside of Emily's flat, Ross overhears a message playing on Emily's answering machine. As it turns out, Emily calls herself knowing that Ross may be listening and pledges her love for him as well. Ross calls Emily from a pay phone and says 'thank you." Meanwhile, the boys discover an X-rated channel on cable and decide not to turn the TV off, for fear of losing the free peep show. Phoebe learns that she's carrying triplets. Frank and Alice, who are initially thrilled at the idea, begin to panic when Phoebe reminds them of the great financial burden this will pose. In an effort to help, Phoebe contrives a plan for her and Frank to make extra money -- she'll massage people in the back of her old catering van while Frank drives-, hence, the "relaxi taxi.

18. The One With Rachel's New Dress

with: Tate Donovan as Joshua
Jane Sibbett as Carol
Helen Baxendale as Emily
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
John Bennett Perry as Mr. Burgin
Pat Crowley as Mrs. Burgin
Charlie & Jack Allen as Ben

In an attempt to sweep Joshua off his feet, Rachel serves her new beau a romantic dinner cooked by none other than Monica for their third date. The night is off to a wonderful start ... that is until the duck and the rooster appear. Joshua, traumatized by a childhood encounter at a petting zoo, suggests that they move the party over to his parents house, which is vacant for the time being. When Rachel decides to slip into "something a little more comfortable," Joshua's parents appear out of nowhere - their trip out of town was cut short. They make Rachel's acquaintance when they find her sprawled out on the couch in nothing more than a skimpy nighty. Trying to save face, Rachel insists that her outfit is actually a dress -- working in fashion, she's required to try out potential trends. And from the expressions on Joshua's parent's faces, Rachel knows this particular dress won't be a trend any time soon. In the end, a humiliated Rachel returns home to her apartment ... alone. Meanwhile, Alice asks Phoebe to name one of the male triplets. When Chandler decides to change his name after Joey convinces him that it's dumb, Phoebe encourages him not to when she decides to name the baby after him. Emily shows Susan a good time when she's in London shooting a commercial. A paranoid Ross convinces Carol that history may be repeating itself... are Emily and Susan an item?

19. The One With All The Haste

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Michael Connor as The Singing Man

The girls are desperate to get their apartment back. When they offer the boys season tickets to the Nicks, Chandler decides that that's not enough (although it's tempting). Rachel throws out the idea of holding one more contest, but this time it's all or nothing. When the score is still tied at zero/zero after numerous rounds of silly games, the girls call it off and offer the boys one last chance at taking the tickets and giving them back their apartment. When Chandler and Joey appear to be content with watching the Nicks game on TV in their apartment, a frantic Monica suggests that not only will the boys get the season tickets if they so choose, but she and Rachel will indulge their lesbian fantasy and kiss in front of them. The boys move out of the apartment with enormous smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, Ross can no longer contain his deeply felt love for Emily. When he admits to the guys that he has an impulse to ask her to marry him, Chandler and Joey talk him out of it and encourage him to fight the urge. Finally, Ross can't stand it anymore and he proposes to a surprised Emily, who eventually says "yes." When Ross breaks the news to the gang, everyone immediately looks to Rachel for a reaction. Rachel,. doing a fine job of hiding her shock and disappointment, congratulates Ross to everyone's relief.

20. The One With All The Wedding Dresses

with: Tate Donovan as Joshua
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Christina Moore as Marjorie
Anne Betancourt as The Saleslady
Thea Mann as Sleep Clinic Worker

When Ross confronts Rachel and then proceeds to comfort her about his abrupt decision to marry Emily, Rachel decides to prove to Ross once and for all that she's fine with his new-found love. In fact, she tries to convince both herself and Ross that her relationship with Joshua is quite serious, as well. When Rachel goes so far as to suggest to Joshua that they, too, jump into marriage, Joshua immediately dismisses the idea and ultimately dumps Rachel. As Monica and Phoebe comfort Rachel, Ross drops by and learns of the breakup. When he offers his support and concern, Rachel doesn't get defensive because she realizes and accepts that Ross' impending nuptials have truly hurt and affected her. Rachel isn't upset about losing Joshua ... she's upset about losing Ross for good. Meanwhile, when Monica goes to pick-up Emily's wedding dress, she can't help but try it on. That night, Monica and Phoebe rind themselves running around the apartment in wedding dresses, pretending to be brides and loving every pathetic minute of it. When Chandler can't stand one more minute of Joey's snoring, he makes Joey go to a sleeping disorder clinic.

21. The One With The Invitation

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily

When sending out the invitations for their wedding, Emily questions Ross' notion of including Rachel-, after all, won't it be awkward for the ex-lovers? While reminiscing about his past with Rachel (with help from clips), Ross concludes that he must invite her - she's been a huge part of his fife. When everyone receives their invitation, Phoebe begins to feel a bit left because she's too pregnant to fly anywhere. Rachel uses Phoebe's pregnancy as an excuse for her to stay home, too _ Phoebe may need her help. When Monica confronts her about the real reason she won't go, Rachel confesses that it would be too painful to watch Ross get married. Monica sympathizes with her friend, but encourages Rachel not to be too hasty in making her decision. After reminiscing about her past with Ross (with help from clips), Rachel @y decides against going to the wedding.

22. The One With The Worst Best Man Ever

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Lisa Rotondi as The Stripper
Robert Koch as The Doctor

When a disappointed Joey finds out that Ross chose Chandler to be his best man again, Chandler quickly makes up for it by telling Joey that he can be his best man when he gets married. Ross is shocked and upset to hear the after asking Chandler twice to stand by his side, now Joey gets to be his best man?! Ross revokes his offer to Chandler and asks a thrilled Joey to do the honors this time around. Chandler, who was just trying to make the best of an awkward moment, is crushed. Later, at the bachelor party, Joey hits it off with the stripper and wakes up in the morning, alone, to find that the wedding ring Ross had entrusted him with is missing. As it turns out, the stripper didn't take the ring at all ... the duck ate it. A humiliated Joey decides that he is no longer worthy of being Ross' best man and offer's the job back to Chandler. After the two go back and forth about who should be the best man, Ross resolves everything by asking them both to do the job. The guys share a tearful moment or heart-felt friendship ... and then call each other babies. Meanwhile, Phoebe's been a little...a lot on edge lately thanks to her hormones raging from the pregnancy. The girls do everything they can to make her happy, but just about any little thing sets Phoebe off. When Monica and Rachel throw her a baby shower,' Phoebe can't help but feel sad about not getting to raise the triplets. After the girls remind her that she gets to be "Cool Aunt Phoebe" who never has to worry about scolding the kids and having them hate her for it, Phoebe realizes that everything will work out great.

23+24. The One With Ross's Wedding

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Sarah, The Duchess Of York as Herself
Helen Baxendale as Emily
Tom Conti as Stephen Waltham
Jennifer Saunders as Andrea Waltham
Hugh Laurie as The Gentleman On The Plane
June Whitfield as The Housekeeper
Olivia Williams as Felicity
Jane Carr as The Ticket Agent
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Richard Branson as The Vendor
Daniel Caltagirone as The Waiter
Heathcote Williams as The Older Guest
Peter Eyre as The Registrar

The wedding is off to a rocky start - both the flowers and the food aren't turning out exactly as planned. But, when Ross and Emily discover that the church where they were supposed to get married has been prematurely demolished, Emily really freaks out. In an attempt to calm her down, Monica suggests to Emily that she and Ross postpone the wedding so that they can take their time and do things right. When Emily confronts Ross with the idea, he loses it and gives her an ultimatum: now or never. Shocked that her fiance would even say such a thing, Emily walks out on Ross and calls the wedding off. Later, Ross rinds Emily perched upon the rubble of the church. He apologizes for his harsh words, and promises her that he'll wait forever for her as long as they can be together. In the end, Ross and Emily decide to go through with the marriage at the church ... or atop whatever is left of it. Meanwhile, Joey has a blast touring London...that is until he suddenly becomes home sick. While admitting her guilt for missing Ross' wedding, Rachel declares her love for Ross to an already aware Phoebe ... who then proceeds to inform Rachel that everyone knows she's still in love with Ross. When Rachel decides to fly to London to profess her undying love, Phoebe begs her not to go and selfishly ruin Ross' wedding ... to no avail. To be continued...

Phoebe frantically attempts to track down her friends to warn them that Rachel is on her way to disrupt the ceremony. When she finally reaches Joey, he alerts the others and they all take turns watching for Rachel at the church. When Joey can't help himself and ends up making out with a bridesmaid (who also happens to cure his home sickness), Rachel sneaks by everyone and approaches the very loving, very intimate couple. Upon realizing how happy and truly in love Ross is, Rachel takes the high road and congratulates the soon-to-be newlyweds instead of admitting her feelings. Finally, while exchanging vows with Emily, Ross makes the enormous mistake of uttering "I take thee Rachel." The church is silenced in horror! Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler have a little too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner and wind up sleeping together. To be continued...