Friends, Season 5

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1. The One After Ross Says Rachel

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Tom Conti as Stephen Waltham
Jennifer Saunders as Andrea Waltham
Helen Baxendale as Emily
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Peter Eyre as The Registrar

Picking up at the altar where we left them, Ross stumbles through the rest of the vows after mistakenly saying Rachel's name rather than Emily's. At the reception Emily locks herself in the bathroom. Rachel comments that when she locked herself in the bathroom at her wedding, she was trying to break open the window and get the hell out of there. Ross bursts into the bathroom to find the window open and Emily gone. Ross sets off to find Emily, while Rachel ponders the meaning of Ross having said her name at such a crucial moment. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler agree to continue their affair only while in London -- once they return to New York, they return to just being friends. They attempt to find solitude with one another, but are thwarted at each turn, finally ending up in the honeymoon suite, the one place they're certain will be empty. Ross shows up, though, still searching for Emily. So instead of sharing one last night of passion, they end up comforting Ross when Emily fails to return. As Ross sits at the airport listening to the final boarding call for his honeymoon flight to Athens, Rachel shows up, still trying to catch a flight home. She convinces Ross to go on his honeymoon alone, to take some time for himself. He then invites her to come along -- he could use a friend. As they are about to board the plane, Ross spots Emily watching him take Rachel on their honeymoon. As she runs off, Ross heads after her, leaving Rachel alone on the plane. Back in New York, the rest of the gang has returned home to a very pregnant Phoebe, and Monica and Chandler agree that they must end their affair. But the passion soon overpowers their rationale and they can't resist one more time...

2. The One With All The Kissing

with: James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Zen Gesner as Dave

Rachel returns from Ross's honeymoon in Athens proclaiming to him what a wonderful time she had. Once he's out of the room, however, she confesses that it was horrendous. Ross still has not found Emily, and Phoebe is feeling left out as everyone else reminisces about London. Chandler accidentally kisses Monica goodbye in front of Rachel and Phoebe, then kisses both of them on the lips as he tries to cover. Monica surmises to the other girls that it must be some European thing he picked up in London. Ross is miserable since he still hasn't heard from Emily, and the two dozen roses he sent to her parent's house come back as mulch. Rachel decides she must tell Ross that she still loves him much to the chagrin of Monica and everyone else. Chandler continues to kiss all the girls goodbye, until Rachel confronts him about it at the coffee shop and insists that he stop. Rachel asks Phoebe to take over her dating decisions, but she refuses and the duty falls to Monica. Monica insists that Rachel go talk to Dave, a handsome man at the coffee shop. Rachel goes out on a date with Dave, but ditches him when she returns to the apartment to find Ross there, crying over his mulched-roses. Monica returns home to find Rachel comforting Ross, and quickly convinces Ross to go out and continue his search for Emily. But Rachel tracks Ross down at the coffee shop, and finally tells him that she still loves him. As he sits stunned, she bursts out laughing, finally realizing how ridiculous she sounds now that Ross is married to Emily. In an attempt to make up for excluding her with all their stories about London, the gang decides to take Phoebe to Atlantic City, but just as they're leaving, Phoebe's water breaks and they have to rush to the hospital.

3. The One Hundredth

with: Giovanni Ribisi as Frank Jr.
Sam Anderson as Dr. Harad
Debra Jo Rupp as Alice
Patrick Fabian as Dan
Iqbal Theba as Joey's Doctor
T.J. Thyne as Dr. Oberman
Brenda Isaacs-Booth as The Nurse
Heidi Beck as The Delivery Room Nurse

The gang arrives at the hospital, where Phoebe is ushered into a delivery room. Joey mans the video camera and narrates the birth, until he begins having abdominal pains. Frank Jr. arrives but Alice is still on her way from Delaware and Phoebe's regular doctor can't come, so instead Dr. Harad steps in, who randomly turns out to be a huge Fonzie fan. Phoebe asks Rachel to feel out Frank Jr. about letting her keep one of the babies. Rachel makes a date with a couple of cute male nurses for she and Monica. As Monica squirms trying to get out of it without revealing her relationship with Chandler, he tries to buffer his ego by saying that she can go out with whoever she wants, since they're just "goofing around". Stung by his remark, Monica agrees to go out with nurse Dan. Chandler becomes jealous, but is unable to tell Monica. Phoebe and Joey both experience "contractions" and Joey is diagnosed with kidney stones. Phoebe delivers the babies, first a boy, Frank Jr. Jr., then a girl, Leslie, and then ... another girl, Chandler. The ultra-sound was obviously wrong, and baby Chandler is not a boy as expected, yet Frank and Alice decide to let the name stand. Meanwhile, Ross comforts Joey as he prepares to pass his kidney stones. Chandler finally comes clean with Monica, revealing that when he said "goofing around" he really meant something much more significant. We see that the two really care about each other, even though the relationship is seemingly only about sex. Phoebe has a moment alone with the babies, and we see how difficult it is for her to give them up.

4. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily
Gary Collins as Himself
Sandra Thigpen as The Stage Manager
John R. McLaughlin as The PBS Volunteer

Phoebe gets upset when Joey lands a job co-hosting a PBS telethon. Just after her mom died, Phoebe had written to "Sesame Street" for help, but all she got was a keychain. Ross uses the wedding guest list to call all of Emily's relatives in the hope that one of them will help him find her. Rachel walks in on Monica awaiting Chandler, so Monica makes up a story that she's been secretly seeing a waiter from work. Later, Rachel lets it slip that Monica told her that her new boyfriend is the "best sex she's ever had." Upon hearing this, Chandler goats Monica to elaborate. Joey shows up at PBS to find that he's not the co-host, but instead is one of the volunteers answering phones. Emily finally calls Ross to tell him to stop bothering her relatives and the two discuss what happened at the wedding and the airport. Ross apologizes and promises to do whatever she asks so that they can just be together. Emily agrees to give him another chance, as long as he moves to London. Ross tries to convince Carol and Susan to move with little Ben to London so that he can be near his son and work on his marriage. They have no interest in moving. He goes back to Emily and tells her he can't move away from his son, then asks if she would consider moving to New York, as they had planned before the wedding. She reluctantly agrees, on one condition ... that he never see Rachel again. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler blow up at each other in front of Rachel, each criticizing their "secret" boyfriend and girlfriend. Rachel tells them they should both dump the losers they're dating. Ross contemplates his future - either he keeps his wife and loses one of his best friends, or he keeps his friend and gets divorced for the second time before he's thirty. Monica and Chandler make up at the coffee shop, and we ultimately see them sneaking out of a closet, disheveled but happy again.

5. The One With All The Kips

with: Christopher Liam Moore as The Hotel Clerk

Ross makes several attempts to tell Rachel the deal he struck with Emily - she'll move to New York so long as he never sees Rachel again. The gang is all at Monica and Rachel's apartment when Ross decides to tell Rachel, so the rest of the group scurries into Monica's room. Joey reveals that he stowed a box full of supplies under Monica's bed, filled with candy bars, word puzzles, magazines, and condoms because of the time when Ross and Rachel broke up and they were all stuck in Monica's bedroom all night with no food. Joey says, "When Ross said 'Rachel' at the wedding, I figured it was going to happen again." In the living room Ross tries to deliver the news to Rachel but in a letter from her parents she discovers that her childhood dog, LaPooh, has died. Later, at the coffee shop, Ross again tries to tell Rachel about his agreement with Emily, but is cut short when she gets a nose bleed. Rachel tells him, "Don't worry, this happened when my Grampa died too." Back at the apartment, Rachel has kleenex stuffed up her nose when Ross bursts in and finally tells her. Rachel storms out of the apartment. Later, Rachel reveals to the group, sans Ross, that she thinks she's gonna be Kip, Chandler's old roommate who used to date Monica. After they broke up, they couldn't even be in the same room together, and eventually Kip got phased out. Rachel is convinced that now she'll be the one to go, even though she always thought it would be Phoebe. Rachel to Phoebe, "You're not related, you live far away. You lift right out." Later, at the girls' apartment, Rachel pleads with Phoebe to forgive her "lifting out remark" and Ross comes over to talk to Rachel about being Kip. He tells her that he's the one who made this decision, so if anyone's going to be Kip, it's going to be him. B-Story: Monica and Chandler conspire to spend a weekend away together, each making up a story that they have to go to a conference in New Jersey. They arrive at the hotel for their weekend getaway, but Monica insists on switching rooms when she discovers lipstick on one of the glasses. Chandler is engrossed in a high speed chase being broadcast on TV, and grows more irritated with each room Monica turns down. He and the bell hop bond over the chase while Monica scours each room for faults. When she finally settles on one, Chandler discovers that the chase has ended and he missed the explosive ending. The two are at odds with one another, and the weekend is cut short as Monica storms out. Returning home, Chandler tells Joey his conference was terrible, although he did see Donald Trump waiting for an elevator. Joey later confronts Chandler when the hotel calls and says an eyelash curler was left in his room. After their lousy weekend, Chandler figures their romance is over, but Monica tells him it was only a fight, not the end of their relationship. Everyone is gathered at the girls' apartment when Phoebe asks Monica about seeing Donald Trump waiting for an elevator at her convention. Joey gets a quizzical look on his face as he has a deja vu moment, feeling like he heard that same thing somewhere before. Then Monica asks to borrow Rachel's eyelash curler since she lost hers. Joey finally puts it all together and his eyes go wide as the realization hits him. Chandler instantly pounces on him and drags him into Monica's bedroom before he can utter a word. Monica follows close behind, and she and Chandler struggle to convince Joey that he can't tell anyone. He reluctantly agrees and the secret remains safe.

6. The One With The Yeti

with: Helen Baxendale as Emily
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
George Newbern as Danny

While Monica and Rachel are searching for the mini-waffle iron in their storage room, they are startled by a strange-looking wilderness man with a long beard and shaggy hair. Believing him to be bigfoot or a yeti, they unleash the bug fogger on him and flea the scene. Telling their tale of danger to the gang at the coffee shop, Joey tells them they just fogged Danny, a new tenant in their building who just returned from spending two months trekking around the Andes. The girls shamefully return to the apartment and go to apologize to Danny. He seems reluctant to accept their apologies which eggs them on further until they finally give up, chalking him up to unfriendly. A few days later, Rachel comes home to find a handsome man in the mail room of the apartment building, who is a shaven and shorn Danny. Seeing her shopping bags and Saks catalog, he assumes she's all about surface appearances. Enraged by his snap judgement, she angrily confronts him at his apartment and the two end up going out for pizza. Meanwhile, Ross agrees to more of Emily's demands, selling all his furniture since it's been "Rachel-ized". But that's not enough for Emily to feel secure, so he agrees to move to a new apartment, all the way uptown. Joey has trouble concealing his feelings, and eventually tells Ross that Emily is asking way too much and that they all hate her. Ross, stunned by his friends betrayal, leaves. The gang returns later in an attempt to reconcile, and Ross says how much he needed his friends to be there for him right now. Feeling terrible, Monica insists they all come over to her apartment and have dinner together. Rachel comes in later from her dinner with Danny, and proceeds to her bedroom, not wanting to infringe on the gathering while Ross is there. Ross insists that she stay, however, and then Emily calls and discovers that Rachel is there. Ross pleads with her to come to New York anyway, that Rachel is only a friend and there is nothing going on. Emily agrees, saying she'll feel better once she can know where he is every minute. Ross asks her if she'll ever be able to trust him, because that's essential if their marriage is going to work, and Emily admits that she doesn't think she will, thus ending their marriage.

7. The One Where Ross Moves In

with: Gregory Sporleder as Larry
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
George Newbern as Danny
Doug Benson as Tom

Ross gets evicted by Emily's cousin once their marriage is officially over, and moves in with Chandler and Joey. Their patience is tried early on by the massive amounts of boxes filling their apartment and Ross's insistence on "keeping it down," not to mention the air purifier. Rachel and Danny engage in head games, a struggle for power within their non-relationship. He throws a house warming party and invites Monica and Rachel at the last minute. Rachel says she can't go because she has a regatta gala to go to. She confesses to Monica that there is no gala, but she couldn't let Danny think she had nothing better to do than wait around for an invitation to his party. When Ross tapes over an SHOW of Baywatch with a bug special, Chandler and Joey decide he must go, and start not-so subtly hinting that he should look at apartments. They direct him toward a tiny, dingy apartment that is available immediately and has a bathtub in the kitchen. Realizing their real motivation, Ross agrees to apply for the apartment. Later, back at their apartment, Chandler and Joey feel terrible about how they pushed Ross, and decide to vindicate their actions when the apartment people call for references. Chandler tells them that Ross tap dances a lot and is actually a pimp called "pimpy." Ross gets turned down for the apartment and the guys beg him to stay with them when he says he's going to Phoebe's. Ross agrees, and promises to "keep down" his annoying habits. Rachel finagles her way through the crowd so that she can appear to be coming up the stairs, "on her way back from the regatta gala," when she runs into Danny and his party. Danny then introduces her to his friend Tom, who Rachel believes is another ploy of Danny's to throw her off. Monica shakes her head in disbelief at Rachel, believing she has created the entire situation in her head. Meanwhile, Phoebe dates a health inspector, Larry, who she met at Monica's restaurant . At first impressed by his power to close down restaurants that are violated, Phoebe soon finds that Larry has closed down nearly all of the gang's favorite restaurants and must make a choice when she brings him to Central Perk and the inevitable happens.

8. The One With All The Thanksgivings

with: Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing
Michael Winters as The Doctor
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Alec Mapa as The Housekeeper
Douglas Looper as The Paramedic
Joshua Preston as Young Chandler

The gang is spread out in the living room, stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. The conversation drifts back to the worst Thanksgivings they've had, from Chandler's dad divorcing his mom for the houseboy, to Phoebe's arm being blown off in a past life, to the time Joey got his head stuck in a raw turkey trying to scare Chandler. Rachel claims to know of Monica's worst Thanksgiving, in 1987, when Ross came home from college with Chandler. Monica, still in her fat phase, is immediately smitten with Chandler, who sports a "flock of seagulls" type hairdo. Ross tries to play it cool with Rachel, but his feelings are obvious. Monica overhears Chandler calling her fat, and is crushed. Back in the present, Chandler apologizes profusely to Monica, even though he doesn't remember saying that. Then Rachel admits that she was actually thinking of the next year's Thanksgiving in 1988, when Ross and Chandler again came home from college, this time sporting the Miami Vice look, and Monica had lost all the weight. Slinking her way across the living room, Monica shows off her new body to Chandler, trying to get him back for calling her fat. But it doesn't satisfy her need for revenge, so she plots with Rachel to pretend to seduce Chandler so that she can get him naked and throw him outside to be humiliated. The plan goes somewhat awry, and while she tries to be seductive in the kitchen, she inadvertently drops a cutting knife and chops off Chandler's little toe. At the hospital, the doctor discovers that Monica accidentally packed a piece of carrot in ice rather than Chandler's toe, so they are unable to reattach it. Back in the present, Chandler is outraged that he no longer has a little toe because he called Monica fat, and storms out. Monica, desperate to make amends, goes over to his apartment later, with a turkey stuck on her head. Chandler won't give, however, so Monica puts a hat on the turkey, then a pair of sunglasses, and finally starts doing a little dance for him. Chandler finally relents and laughs, admitting how great Monica is and that he loves her. Monica, her head still in the turkey, is stunned. Chandler immediately tries to cover up, but Monica knows what she heard. As Chandler denies it and Monica rubs it in, Joey comes walking up and is scared silly by the sight of Monica with her head in the turkey.

9. The One With Ross' Sandwich

with: Michael Ensign as Dr. Ledbetter
Scott Mosenson as The Teacher
Jennette Robbins as Cynthia
Alexia Roberts as The Female Student

At the museum, someone eats Ross's leftover turkey sandwich, compounding his depression over the state of his life. Phoebe convinces Ross to leave a threatening note with another turkey sandwich, and Ross's coworkers react by insisting he attend therapy. The therapist puts Ross on tranquilizers and places him on sabbatical from work. Meanwhile, Phoebe volunteers to collect change for the poor and gets stationed in front of Macy's. Her enthusiasm is soon squashed, however, when people try to take the money from her bucket, or spill their drinks on it, and even urinate on it. She plasters signs all over the area, and enforces strict rules about what can and cannot be placed in the bucket. Eventually she is pulled from her post, and relegated to a less high profile location.

10. The One With The Inappropriate Sister

with: June Gable as Estelle Leonard
Julie Lauren as Krista
George Newbern as Danny
Tom Bailey as Bob
Lee Arenberg as The Man
Robyn Pedretti as Ginger

Fed up with Rachel's ridiculous mind games, Monica finally asks Danny to go out with Rachel. He agrees, but Rachel soon afterward sees him with another girl. She goes on the date anyway, and Danny says he'd invite her in, but his sister is visiting and she's asleep on the couch. Rachel is relieved, realizing he isn't seeing someone else. Then his sister opens the door and Danny introduces she and Rachel. She is dressed only in a shirt, and she and Danny playfully wrestle while Rachel looks on. Rachel asks Monica and Ross if they ever wrestled, and they say sure, when they were kids. Monica reveals that she was undefeated, to which Ross replies that she weighed 300 pounds. She says yeah, but she was quick as a cat. Monica adds that they don't wrestle anymore, and Ross says that's because she couldn't beat him. Monica challenges him, and the two grapple. Later at the coffee shop, the gang is there along with Danny and his sister. She is eating an eclair and offers a fingerful of the cream to Danny, who sucks it off her finger. Then she drops some of the creme onto the front of his pants, and wipes it off for him. After they leave, the gang is appalled by their questionable behavior, and Rachel decides to end it with Danny. But when she goes to his apartment, he defends his close relationship with his sister, and asks why Rachel is so threatened by it. Just as Rachel begins to soften, his sister calls from the bathroom for Danny to hurry up, the bath is getting cold, and Rachel makes a beeline for the door.

11. The One With All The Resolutions

with: Sara Rose Peterson as Elizabeth Hornswoggle
Charlie & Jack Allen as Ben

It's New Year's and all the friends make resolutions. Rachel resolves to gossip less, Chandler resolves to stop making fun of people all the time, Ross resolves to do something new every day. As part of his resolution, Ross asks a woman out at Central Perk. The next day, he buys a pair of leather pants, and decides to wear them for his date. The two watch a movie at her apartment, where Ross is burning up because the leather pants are so hot. He excuses himself to the bathroom where he takes the pants off, trying to cool himself down. But when he tries to put the pants back on, he finds they won't fit. Either they shrunk from the sweat, or his legs expanded from the cool air. He calls Chandler for help, but Joey is the only one around. Joey tells Ross to try baby powder to soak up the sweat, then lotion to slick himself down, but neither works. Ross finally has to come out of the bathroom, holding his pants. His date throws him out and he turns up at Monica and Rachel's apartment, sans pants. Meanwhile, Rachel overhears Chandler and Monica on the phone, and discovers their secret. She tries to tell Joey, but he doesn't want to hear it, claiming he already has enough stuff that he knows but he can't talk about. Rachel takes drastic action, telling Joey she's going into Chandler's bedroom to get a book. Joey realizes what the ramifications could be, and tries to discourage her. Finally the two realize that they know the same secret.

12. The One With Chandler's Work Laugh

with: Maggie Wheeler as Janice
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Sam McMurray as Doug
Lise Simms as Kara

Monica attends one of Chandler's work parties, where she is exposed to his fake work laugh. Laughing at his bosses lame jokes, Chandler insists that it's just something he has to do. The two then play a tennis game with Chandler's boss and his wife, bringing out the ultra-competitive side of Monica. After pummeling their opponents in the first games, Chandler asks Monica to let his boss win a game. Monica refuses, so Chandler must make an effort to lose the game. When he succeeds, his boss invites he and Monica over for dinner. Once again Chandler fake laughs at all his bosses jokes, until Monica tells him that she can't stand seeing him this way. Chandler finally stands up to his boss and doesn't laugh at his joke, which greatly upsets his boss. Realizing he's in trouble, Monica jumps in and "explains" the joke to Chandler, then they both fake laugh for his bosses benefit. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to get Monica to admit her romance with Chandler. But Monica continues to lie to her in an effort to keep the relationship a secret. Frustrated, Rachel finally goes over to Chandler's apartment to confront them, and overhears Monica telling Chandler how difficult it is to keep lying to Rachel, since she's her best friend. Touched by what she's overheard, Rachel decides to leave quietly, but accidentally trips over a cord and knocks a lamp over on her way out. Monica comes out of Chandler's room and sees Rachel, then both women make up lies to conceal what they're really doing there. Rachel' pretends she doesn't know that anything's going on, and Monica pretends that she's there cleaning.

13. The One With Joey's Bag

with: Bob Balaban as Frank, Sr.
Daniel Hagen as The Casting Director

Phoebe's grandma dies and the gang attends the funeral. While greeting guests and handing out their 3-D glasses, Phoebe meets a man who claims to be the deceased's son ... making him Phoebe's dad. She coerces him into meeting her, and tells him that she's his daughter, and asks him why he left her. He says he was a terrible father, and that even the songs he made up to try and get her to sleep only made her cry. She asks him to sing one for her, and realizes that it's set to the same melody as "Smelly Cat." Meanwhile, Joey has a big audition and goes to Rachel to help him dress for success. She convinces him to carry a new unisex bag, that greatly resembles a woman's purse. Soon Joey is attached to the bag and all it's compartments, and begins to take it everywhere. Finally the gang convinces him to give up the bag.

14. The One Where Everybody Finds Out

with: Michael Ensign as Dr. Ledbetter

Ross decides it's time to get his life together, and plans to get his own apartment. Incredibly, Ugly Naked Guy is moving and his apartment's available. So Ross, Phoebe and Rachel go over to take a look. While they're there, Phoebe and Rachel spot Monica and Chandler across the way, and Phoebe finds out what's going on. Rachel and Phoebe decide to mess with Chandler and Monica, so Phoebe pretends to have a crush on him. Monica realizes the only explanation for Phoebe's sudden attraction is that she knows about Monica and Chandler. So they decide to have a little fun of their own, and Monica makes Chandler play along with Phoebe and her advances. Phoebe and Rachel eventually realize that Monica and Chandler must know that they know, so they push the envelope further, trying to get the two to confess. Phoebe suggests she and Chandler get together at his place and have sex, and Chandler, under Monica's guidance, agrees. Phoebe comes over to the apartment, where Monica is hiding in the bathroom, and begins the seduction. When it becomes apparent that neither is going to back down, Chandler retreats to the bathroom where Monica gives him a pep talk. Phoebe runs out to the hallway, where Rachel and Joey are listening at the door. Panicked that she hasn't broken Chandler yet, she asks for their help. Joey, in one swift motion undoes her blouse to reveal her bra, saying that bras frighten Chandler. Phoebe and Chandler return to the living room, both determined to win this battle of wills. As they force themselves into a painful, awkward kiss, Chandler finally jumps away from her, saying he can't have sex with her, because he's in love with Monica. Monica then tells him she loves him too, and the two share their first kiss in full view of their friends. Meanwhile, Ross takes desperate measures to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, and then invites his boss over to show him how stable he is, in hopes of going back to work. But just as his boss is about to welcome him back, Ross looks out the window and spots Monica and Chandler together in her apartment, and loses it when he realizes what's going on.

15. The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey

with: Willie Garson as Steve
Soleil Moon Frye as Katie
David Dalton as Guest #1
Linde Gibb as Guest #2
Stephon Fuller as Guest #3

Now that the whole gang knows about Monica and Chandler, they start teasing the couple about marriage and children, sending Chandler into a commitment phobic panic. He starts acting strangely with Monica, finally accusing her of having baby fever. Realizing that Chandler is still not ready for a real relationship, Monica walks out. Chandler seeks advice from Ross and Joey, who tell him to make a big statement. So Chandler comes to Monica's apartment where everyone is hanging out, and proposes to her. Monica sees through Chandler's desperate action and takes him back. Meanwhile, Joey is dating a girl of tiny stature (played by Soleil Moon-Frye), who has a habit of playfully punching him. The problem is, she's really hurting him. But no one believes Joey since the girl is so little. Finally, Joey decides he has to break up with her, so they meet at the coffee shop. Rachel also happens to be there, and the girl playfully punches her since she's Joey's friend. Rachel punches back, but to no avail. When the girl won't get the message, Rachel kicks her in the shin. Demanding Joey do something or she'll walk out the door, Joey sees an easy way out, and does nothing, thus ending his relationship with the little girl.

16. The One With The Cop

with: Michael Rapaport as Gary
Nicole Robinson as The Smoking Woman
Mark Fite as The Salesman
Aloma Wright as The Saleswoman

When Phoebe finds a policeman's badge at the coffee shop, she uses its power to enforce some laws of her own. Eventually the badge's owner (played by Michael Rappaport) comes to retrieve it, catching Phoebe in the act of "policework". The two hit it off and start dating. Meanwhile, Ross buys a new couch but refuses to pay the delivery charge, insisting he and Rachel can carry it the three blocks to his new apartment themselves. Unfortunately, they can't manage to get it up the stairs in his building, and Ross ends up returning the now sawed-in-half couch to the store. Joey has a romantic dream about Monica and is consumed by guilt, believing that he has fallen in love with her.

17. The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss

with: Michael Rapaport as Gary
Samantha Smith as The Window Woman
Steve Ireland as Mr. Zelner
Marc Goldsmith as The Man
Devyn La Bella as The Little Girl
Ralph Manza as The Old Man

Rachel interviews for her dream job at Ralph Lauren, and inadvertently kisses the interviewer when he leans in to shake her hand. When she is called back for a second interview, she worries that the man is not interested in her work, but rather believes that she will do anything to get the job. As she waits in the lobby for her second interview, she nervously taps a pen against her teeth, leaving a huge ink stain on her lip. When the interviewer subtly taps his own lip to tell Rachel about the ink, she assumes he's coming on to her. She gives him a piece of her mind and storms out of the office, only to return to the apartment and discover the stain. She returns to the interviewer one more time to plead her case and ends up getting the job. Meanwhile, Monica's competitive streak rears its head yet again when Phoebe says that she and her new boyfriend are in the hot phase of their relationship. Monica claims that she and Chandler are as hot as ever, and embarks on a ridiculous attempt to have more sex than Phoebe.

18. The One Where Rachel Smokes

with: Joanna Gleason as Kim Clozzi
Jane Sibbett as Carol
Megan Ward as Nancy
Judy Kain as The Casting Director
Jim Wise as Kyle
Charlie & Jack Allen as Ben
Matt Weinberg as Raymond

At her new job at Ralph Lauren, Rachel finds she is excluded from important decision making powwows when her boss and the other assistant go to the smoking room. In order to be included, Rachel joins them in the smoke-filled room, but is still an outsider since she doesn't smoke. Finally she starts to smoke, then encourages the other women to quit. The three all quit cold-turkey, but soon Rachel is the only one who's not smoking. The powwows resume without her and Rachel is again left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Ben is offered an audition for a father and son soup commercial. Joey tags along and scores an audition for himself for the role of the father. Both Ross and Carol are excited that Ben may be in a commercial, but soon Ross and Joey find they are rivals when Joey is paired with another little boy in direct competition to Ben.

19. The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

with: Kristin Dattilo as Caitlin
Lilyan Chauvin as Grandma Tribbiani

Ross discovers he can't flirt when he tries to pick up the pizza delivery girl. Meanwhile, Joey lands a part on Law & Order, and has his grandmother over to Monica and Rachel's apartment to watch the SHOW when it airs. However, as the show progresses, it becomes clear that Joey's performance has been entirely cut out. Frantically, Joey shoots a homemade video and pops it into the VCR at the end of the Law & Order SHOW to spare his grandma from the truth.

20. The One With The Ride-Along

with: Michael Rapaport as Gary
Helen Baxendale as Emily

The guys ride along with Gary when he's patrolling, and find themselves in a desperate situation. While staking out a suspect, they hear a shot, and Joey dives in front of Ross. Chandler is hurt that Joey chose to save Ross rather than him, his own roommate. The guys relay the story back at the coffee house, where it turns out they didn't hear a gun shot, but instead a car backfiring. But Ross is convinced he narrowly escaped death, and that Joey risked his own life. Back at their apartment, Chandler confronts Joey, demanding to know why he chose to dive in front of Ross. Joey reluctantly admits that he wasn't trying to save Ross, he dove to save his sandwich, which was next to Ross. To show Chandler how much he means to him, Joey allows him one bite of his sandwich, and all is well. Meanwhile, Rachel and Monica go to Ross's apartment to retrieve their blender, but while there, hear Emily leaving a message on his answering machine. She's supposed to be getting married the next day but is having doubts, and is wondering if she and Ross gave up on their relationship too quickly. The girls accidentally erase the message, so Rachel decides she has to tell Ross about Emily's call.

21. The One With The Ball

with: Michael Rapaport as Gary
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Victoria L. Kelleher as Woman #2
Antoinette Spolar as Woman #1

Joey and Ross have a game of catch, and inadvertently lose track of time, playing right through lunch. They decide to see how long they can keep the game going without dropping the ball, and soon it's been several hours. Monica joins the game, her competitive streak kicking in, and she reluctantly allows Chandler to join, although she proceeds to keep the ball away from him, believing he'll drop it. Meanwhile, Gary asks Phoebe to move in with him, and she reluctantly accepts, until they wake up one morning to the sun shining through the window, the birds chirping outside, wrapped in each other's arms ... and Gary pulls out his gun and shoots the bird to keep it quiet.

22. The One With Joey's Big Break

with: Michael Monks as Dr. Miller
John Kassir as Stanley
John C. McDonnell as The Grip

Joey gets the lead in an independent film in Las Vegas and invites Chandler to join him for the trip. Once on the drive, however, Joey discovers that Chandler doesn't share his faith that this role will be his big break. Hurt by Chandler's doubt, Joey kicks him out of the car, only to arrive in Vegas to find the film in shambles, the financing having dropped out. Determined to show Chandler he was wrong, Joey stays in Vegas and talks it up to the gang back home, when in truth he's working at Caesar's. Meanwhile, Rachel develops an eye infection and we discover she has an eye phobia. Monica must drag her to the eye doctor, who insists that she use eye drops for a week. Unfortunately, Rachel can't stand to have anything near or in her eye, so she refuses to use the drops. Monica relentlessly tries to force the drops on Rachel, but seems to miss each time, until finally the whole gang helps in holding Rachel down and Monica is able to get the drops in her eye.

23+24. The One In Vegas

with: Thomas Lennon as Randall
Jeanette Miller as The Elderly Woman
James Paradise as The Casino Boss
Rick Pasqualone as The Croupier
Todd Glass as The Airplane Guy
Baillie Gerstein as The Tourist
Lisa Jamie Cash as The Flight Attendant
Rojai Holloway as The Security Guard
Frank Novak as The Gambler
Gabi Simson as The Woman Dealer
Nina Mann as The Attendant

Since Joey still won't speak to Chandler on the phone, Chandler and the gang decide to head to Vegas. Chandler, Monica and Phoebe arrive to find Joey in his Caesar's getup, and he confesses that the movie didn't work out. Phoebe lets it slip that Monica had lunch with Richard, which throws Chandler into a tailspin, believing she still has feelings for Richard or she would have told Chandler herself. Phoebe plays the slots and has to deal with "lurkers," old people who wait for people to play a bunch of money on a machine without winning, until they give up and move on, then the old person will jump on the machine and hit the jackpot. Joey discovers one of the dealers is his identical hand twin and is determined they can make a living as a novelty act. Ross catches Rachel dancing around naked in her empty apartment, and thinks she's trying to seduce- him. When he confronts her, she ridicules him, setting the mood for their flight together to Vegas. They spend the flight bickering, then try to outdo one another by embarrassing each other. Ultimately, Ross draws on Rachel's face while she's asleep, unbeknownst to her.

Picking back up at the casino, Chandler threatens to leave since Monica is ignoring him and discussing their problems, concentrating on the craps table. She is on an extraordinary winning streak, and after the two make up, Chandler joins her at the table. At each throw of the dice, Chandler ups the ante, from steak dinners to the hotel's best suite, to getting married. Eventually, they end up at a wedding chapel, determined to go through with it. Meanwhile, Rachel has discovered the drawing on her face and can't wash it off. Refusing to leave the hotel room with ink all over her face, Ross tries to make it up to her by bringing Vegas to their room. Rachel breaks open the mini-bar, putting it on Ross's tab, and the two proceed to make their way through all the alcohol they can find. Soon they're pretty tipsy, and Rachel finally agrees to leave the hotel room - on one condition. She draws all over Ross's face so they both look like freaks and they head out to find more drinks. By the end of the night they are both blind drunk.