Friends, Season 7

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1. The One With Monica's Thunder

It's the night of Monica and Chandler's engagement and the gang decides to go to The Plaza Hotel and have more champagne to celebrate. Rachel and Ross discuss having a "bonus" night where they have sex with no strings attached. Monica finds them kissing in the hallway and is furious. She believes Rachel couldn't stand that the night was not about her, so she hooked up with Ross to try to steal Monica's thunder. Eventually, Rachel admits that although she is extremely happy that Monica and Chandler are getting married, it reinforces how far away that prospect is for her. Phoebe wants to perform at Monica and Chandler's wedding and won't take no for an answer. Joey is auditioning for a role as a 19 year-old and tried to look younger any way he can.

2. The One With Rachel's Book

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Suzanne Lanza as the Woman

Joey thinks Rachel has porn when he finds an erotic book under her bed. He proceeds to make fun of her constantly and even tells Ross about it. Furious, Rachel decides to play Joey at his own game. Monica discovers her parents spent all the money from the "Monica wedding fund" on their beach house. When Chandler sees how disappointed Monica is that she can't have the wedding she always wanted, he offers to spend their savings to giver her dream wedding. Chandler tells her he would have liked their savings to go towards buying a house or their children's education, but Monica wants to be happy. Monica realizes that what will make her happy is simply marrying Chandler. Phoebe looses a massage client and it is partly Ross's fault. Ross feels bad and agrees to pay Phoebe for a weekly massage until she gets a new client.

3. The One With Phoebe's Cookies

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller

Phoebe asks Chandler and Monica what they want for an engagement present. All Monica wants is Phoebe's grandmother's chocolate chip cookie recipe so she can make the best cookies for her future children. Phoebe decides that she will give Monica the secret recipe, but when she goes into her old burned apartment, she realizes the recipe is destroyed. Monica, Phoebe and Ross try different recipes for chocolate chip cookies to see if they can re-create it from memory. Monica is afraid they may never figure out the right recipe until they discover it is actually the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. Jack invites Chandler to play racquetball with him at the club. This is Chandler's big chance to bond with Monica's father. After the racquetball game, the guys decide to take a steam, but things get a little too cozy when Chandler accidentally sits on Jack's lap. Rachel teaches Joey to sail.

4. The One With Rachel's Assistant

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag
Michael Kagan as Terry
Jean St. James as Hilda
Cody Tucker as Kathy
Cynthia Graham as Nurse #1
Renee Louise Rogers as Nurse #2
Eric Rutherford as Stryker

Rachel is promoted at work and is able to hire a new assistant. She interviews a very attractive young man named Tag. Phoebe warns her that she should not hire Tag because she is attracted to him, but should hire the best candidate. Rachel ends up giving in to her desires and makes Tag her new assistant. Monica and Chandler decide that people who are getting married should have no secrets, so Chandler tells Monica a very embarrassing story about Ross. When Ross discovers that Chandler told Monica his deep, dark secret, he tells Chandler a big secret to Monica to get him back. The three of them end up telling each other more than they ever wanted to know about one another. Somewhat disturbed by all this personal information, Monica and Chandler agree that maybe they shouldn't share all of their secrets. Joey has a meeting at "Days of Our Lives" for the part of Drake Ramoray's twin brother, but when they ask him to audition, he walks out of the meeting. Later, Joey finds out his TV series "Mac and Cheese" is cancelled and he must go back to "Days" and bed for the chance to audition.

5. The One With The Engagement Picture

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag
David Sutcliff as Kyle
Julia Campbell as Whitney
Caroline Keenan as Melissa
Heather Sims as Emily
Roger Eschbacher as the Photographer

The Gellers want to put Monica and Chandler's wedding announcement in their local paper. They decide to have professional pictures taken when they are unable to find a picture that Chandler doesn't look weird in. When they get the pictures back, they still don't have a photo that Chandler looks normal in and they end up using a picture of Joey and Monica. Phoebe and Ross date a divorced couple and get wrapped up in the couple's arguments. Rachel makes Joey take Tag out on the town because she'd rather he hang out with him than other women. Things don't go as Rachel planned, when Tag decided to get back together with his ex-girlfriend because he doesn't want to live the lonely life of a bachelor like Joey.

6. The One With The Nap Partners

with: Stacy Galina as Julie

Joey and Ross fall asleep side-by-side after watching a movie together. When they awake they realize that they both had the best nap ever. Joey continues to try to get Ross to take a nap with him again, but Ross is embarrassed and doesn't want to discuss it. Monica tells Rachel and Phoebe they have to choose which one of them should be her maid of honor. They decide to have Ross and Joey choose for them instead. The guys hold a maid of honor audition where they give Rachel and Phoebe hypothetical maid of honor situations and judge them on their performances. Phoebe wins the role, but in the end she realizes that Rachel wants it more, so she lets her do it. Monica bumps into Chandler's ex-girlfriend Julie at lunch. She discovers that he broke up with Julie because she got fat. Worried that someday Chandler might break up with her if she gets fat again, Monica makes him apologize to the woman.

7. The One With Ross's Library Book

with: Kristin Davis as Erin
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Michael D. Roberts as the Head Librarian
Doug Budin as the Librarian
Sarah O'Hare as the Woman
Alexandra Margulies as The Waitress
Andy Brewster as the Guy in Library
Nicholas Thomas as the Guy Student
Jessica A. O'Sullivan as the Girl Student

Ross takes Chandler to the university library to find his doctoral dissertation. They encounter a couple of students making out in front of his book. Ross soon finds out that this is a popular spot for couples on campus. Ross decides to guard the book and keep any "extracurricular activities" from taking place. Joey spends the night with a woman named Erin who he decides he doesn't want to see again. He asks Rachel to break it to Erin for him, but when she gets to know her, Rachel grows attached. She and Phoebe convince Joey to date Erin and he ends up falling for her. Unfortunately for Joey, Erin doesn't feel the same way about him. Monica runs into Janice, Chandler's ex-girlfriend, and invited her to the wedding. Chandler warns Monica that Janice attending their wedding is a huge mistake and they must un-invite her.

8. The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag

It's Thanksgiving Day and Monica is fixing dinner. Phoebe tried to sneak out to walk Clunkers, a dog she has been keeping in Monica and Chandler's apartment for the past three days without their knowledge, but is caught in the act. Monica believes Chandler is allergic to dogs and tells Phoebe the dog must go. Chandler confesses he is not allergic, but just doesn't like dogs. Phoebe and Monica take Clunkers over to Ross's, but can't bring themselves to leave him. Chandler feels bad about making Monica get rid of the dog, so he goes over to Ross's to retrieve it. When Chandler can't find Clunkers in Ross's apartment he believes he is responsible for loosing him. Rachel invites Tag, her assistant over for Thanksgiving dinner. She wants to make a move on Tag when she discovers that his girlfriend broke up with him, but everyone, except Joey, warns Rachel that that's a bad idea. She decides to take their advice and just be a friend to Tag, but Joey ends up mistaking a friendly hug between Tag and Rachel for a romantic hug and spills the beans. In the end, Rachel admits she is attracted to Tag and discovers that he feels the same way.

9. The One With All The Candy

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag
Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
Amy Hill as the Woman
Steve Ireland as Mr. Zelner
Jonathan Floyd as Gary
Ashley L. Clark as the Man

Monica decides to make candy for the neighbors so they can get to know them better. The candy is such a big hit with the neighbors that Monica is going crazy trying to keep up with the demand. Chandler finally has to put a stop to the candy making before Monica has a nervous breakdown. Ross buys Phoebe a bike when he learns she never had one as a little girl. The gang soon discovers that Phoebe doesn't know how to ride a bike, so he offers to teach her. Rachel fills out a "joke" job evaluation for Tag. Unaware that it was meant for his eyes only, Tag send it straight to Human Resources. They then try to figure out how to get the evaluation back without exposing their relationship.

10. The One With The Holiday Armadillo

with: Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Terry Rhoads as the Maitre D'
Sean Corvelle as the Salesman
Barry Wiggins as the Man

When Monica and Chandler have trouble getting a table at a restaurant, Monica encourages Chandler to slip the Maitre D' a twenty-dollar bill. Chandler has difficulty tipping in this discreet fashion. Monica tried to teach him, but with no success. Ross has Ben for the holidays and wants to teach him about Chanukah. Ben is only interested in Santa Claus coming to visit. When Ross can't find a Santa suit to rent, he ends up getting an armadillo costume and shows up as the "Holiday Armadillo," with a message about Chanukah. Unfortunately for Ross, Chandler shows up as Santa Claus and takes all Ben's attention away. Luckily Santa Chandler persuades Ben to listen to the Holiday Armadillo teach him the history of Chanukah. Phoebe's apartment has finally been refurbished after the fire last year and she is ready to move back in. She is afraid that Rachel is having too much fun living with Joey and won't want to live with her. So she tried to make Joey's apartment as undesirable as possible by giving Joey a drum set, etc. In the end, the apartment was converted back to a one bedroom so Rachel ends up staying with Joey.

11. The One With All The Cheesecakes

with: Hank Azaria as David
Lela Lee as the Wedding Guest
Gina Belafonte as the Second Guest
Mailon Rivera as the Waiter
Darlene Kardon as Aunt Millie
Robyn Donny as Frannie
Joe Coyle as Stuart
Jim Hanna as the man

Phoebe and Joey feud over what constitutes a proper excuse to flake out on their weekly dinner plans -- and it's driving her batty, especially since her old flame David (guest star Hank Azaria, "The Simpsons") has returned from Russia for a romantic one-night date. Elsewhere, a gluttonous Rachel and Chandler disgrace themselves when they repeatedly swipe deliveries of an exquisitely tasty cheesecake from their neighbor's doorstep while Ross reluctantly takes a seething Monica along to their cousin's wedding just so she can berate the bride for not inviting her as well.

12. The One Where They're Up All Night

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag
Jason Winston George as the Fireman

It could be a long sleepless night for everyone as Rachel finagles to spend her first night with Tag until it dawns on her that they did not overnight an important package before they left work, while a clueless Ross and risk their lives when they are stuck on their building's chilly roof. Elsewhere, Phoebe can't rid herself of a relentlessly beeping smoke alarm and Chandler and Monica annoy each other just enough to remain wide-awake.

13. The One Where Rosita Dies

with: Jason Alexander as Earl
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Joyce Guy as the Supervisor
Steven Rozic as the "Hey Guy" Guy
Wendee Cole as Marge

Phoebe's first day as a telemarketer takes a bizarre turn when she encounters a distraught office supply manager (Tony-Award winning guest star Jason Alexander, "Seinfeld") who's determined to end it all -- but nobody hangs up on Phoebe when she's determined to make the biggest "sale" of her life. Meanwhile, Ross and Monica are super-bummed when their parents decide to sell their childhood home, especially after their father discovers that Monica's boxed-up memories from her youth are ruined from water damage. In addition, Rachel and Chandler feel guilty when each believes they have broken Joey's favorite ratty old chair, which he has affectionately dubbed "Rosita."

14. The One Where They All Turn Thirty

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Eddie Cahill as Tag
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Wayne Sherwood as the Man in Sportscar

Rachel agonizes when the gang celebrates her 30th birthday and while they all reflect on their own goofy experiences on their previous 30th birthday parties -- including Monica's comic attempts to conceal her intoxication from her parents -- Rachel ponders how to meet her remaining life goals. Meanwhile, Phoebe remembers when she discovered sobering news from her sister Ursula on her 30th and Ross also recalls his embarrassing fling with a red sports car when he hit the magic number.

15. The One With Joey's New Brain

with: Susan Sarandon as Jessica Lockhart
Eva Amurri as Dina
Jack Betts as Tom
Jeffrey Asch as the Writer
George Stults as Fredrick

In a "Super-size" episode, Joey accidentally informs fellow "Days of Our Lives" castmate (Oscar-winning guest star Susan Sarandon, "Dead Man Walking") that she will be fired so that her character's brain can be implanted into his own -- and though the diva unloads on him, the odd couple quickly end up in each other's arms. Elsewhere, Rachel and Phoebe try to sabotage each other's chances to meet a cute guy who inadvertently left his cell phone behind while Chandler and Monica desperately urge Ross not to play his screeching Scottish bagpipes at their wedding.

16. The One With The Truth About London

with: Jane Sibbett as Carol
Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben

Monica and Chandler grudgingly agree to let Joey perform their wedding ceremony -- once he's been "ordained" via the Internet -- and as the couple fondly recall how their relationship changed during their London trip years ago, Monica shares a startling revelation that leaves Chandler's head spinning. Elsewhere, Rachel becomes Ben's (guest star Cole Mitchell Sprouse) favorite babysitter when she teaches him practical jokes to play on his dad Ross. In addition, Phoebe panics when she notices the possible side effects of a headache medication she just swallowed.

17. The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress

with: Andrea Bendewald as Megan
Gabrielle Union as Kristen
Kim Harris as the Store Owner

Monica regrets telling a fellow bride-to-be (guest star Andrea Bendewald, "Suddenly Susan") about a cheaper bridal store when she later has to fight the woman tooth-and-nail for a unique wedding dress -- and later duels her for the right to hire Chandler's favorite band for the event. Down the hall, Ross also competes with Joey for the affections of the same lissome lass (guest star Gabrielle Union, "City of Angels").

18. The One With Joey's Award

with: Alison Sweeney as Jessica Ashley
Kyle Howard as Alan Lewis
Vince Vieluf as Ned Morse
Troy Norton as Jake
McKenzie Westmore as the Presenter
Alexandra Margulies as The Waitress

Joey is overjoyed to be nominated for a "Soapie" -- the third most-prestigious award in daytime dramas -- but when the results don't go his way, he's not above stealing one for himself, while the engaged Monica frets when she realizes she will never experience the thrill of a new relationship again. Elsewhere, Ross is more than curious when he spies Chandler sneaking out of a male strip club while Phoebe finds a cute guy. Alison Sweeney of NBC's "Days of Our Lives" and McKenzie Westmore of NBC's "Passions""guest-star.

19. The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin

with: Denise Richards as Cassie
Mo Gaffney as the Casting Director
June Gable as Estelle Leonard
Scott Adsit as the Director
Cindy Lu as the Accountant

When the alluring cousin (Denise Richards, "The World Is Not Enough") of Monica and Ross arrives for a visit after a long absence since their childhood, her irresistible beauty causes serious distractions for all the men who meet her -- including an uneasy Ross. Elsewhere, Rachel and Phoebe are hopelessly overmatched when they try to rush their plans for Monica's shower as is Joey when he foolishly tries to trick a casting director to secure an acting role.

20. The One With Rachel's Big Kiss

with: Winona Ryder as Melissa

An embarrassed Rachel bumps into her old sorority sister (Oscar nominee and guest star Winona Ryder, "Little Women," "The Age of Innocence") and wonders whether she should confront her about a boozy incident from their college days when their friendship took a dramatic and passionate turn. In preparation for the wedding, Chandler and Ross try to out-suit each other by renting tuxedos once used by celebrities, while Monica struggles to accomodate unexpected invites, Joey's parents.

21. The One With The Vows

With only four weeks to go before their wedding, Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) is upset to find that Chandler (Matthew Perry) has not yet written his vows -- but then admits she hasn't written hers, either. They both set out to put their feelings on paper, but find that even after seeking help from Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Ross (David Schwimmer), the task still proves a lot more difficult than they had imagined. To make matters worse, looking back over Chandler and Monica's relationship leads to all six of the friends recalling the high -- and low -- lights of their friendships with each other, and worrying that things might be about to change for all of them.

22. The One With Chandler's Dad

with: Kathleen Turner as Helena
Mark Consuelos as Policeman #1
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Troy Norton as Jake
Chuck Martinez as Policeman #2
Alexis Arquette as the Waiter in Drag
Joe Everett Michaels as Bakersfield Guy
Stephanie Dicker as the Woman
Michelle Haury as the Waitress

While reviewing her wedding-guest list, Monica learns that an embarrassed Chandler hasn't invited his estranged dad (guest star Kathleen Turner)-- so she arranges a face-to-face meeting between the two in hopes that father and son can patch up their differences before the ceremony. Elsewhere, wretched driver Rachel swipes the keys to Monica's Porsche and speeds off with a reluctant Ross aboard while the police are in hot pursuit, and Joey wants to prove to Phoebe that he is so secure in his masculinity that he can wriggle into women's panties and learn to love it.

23+24. The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding, Part I & II

with: Gary Oldman as Richard Crosby
Kathleen Turner as Helena
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing
Mark Roberts as the Director
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Peter James Smith as the Assistant Director
Steve Susskind as the Priest
Claudia Stedelin as Amanda

In the one-hour season finale, Monica and Chandler gather their offbeat families on the eve of their wedding, but there's just one problem -- Chandler is missing when he gets cold feet and bolts, and while Ross searches for him, Rachel and Phoebe desperately vamp to distract the unsuspecting bride. Elsewhere, Joey can't pry himself away from shooting a World War I film with a spit-and-polish actor (guest star Gary Oldman, "Air Force One") in time to perform the ceremony.