Friends, Season 8

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1. The One After "I Do"

with: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Morgan Fairchild as Nora Bing
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
Jim Piddock as Dennis Phillips
Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Allen Lulu as the Photographer
Matthew Mullany as the Waiter
Dane Anthony as the Bandleader
Steffani Brass as Melinda
Kendall Hebert as the second Girl
Rachel Snow as Gert

In the season premiere, the reception following Monica and Chandler's wedding is almost upstaged by the news flash that someone might be pregnant -- and when Phoebe thinks it's Rachel, she quickly comes up with a plan to cover for her friend. Elsewhere at the party: Ross tries to impress a pretty single woman (guest star Bonnie Somerville); Chandler has troubles on the dance floor; and Joey hopes to impress Chandler's mom's (guest star Morgan Fairchild) date (guest star Jim Piddock) -- an important Broadway producer -- with his acting ability.

2. The One With The Red Sweater

with: Eddie Cahill as Tag
Phil Abrams as the Anxious Wedding Guest
Harry S. Murphy as the Man at Wedding
Teresa Parente as the Woman at Wedding
Reggie Jordan as the Front Desk Clerk

As they prepare to leave the wedding hotel, an excited Monica and Phoebe speculate about who might be the father of pregnant Rachel's baby while the expectant mother debates whether she should tell the unsuspecting dad at all. At the same time, Joey mistakenly thinks Phoebe is preggers -- and makes a gallant gesture -- while Ross and Chandler frantically try to re-stage generic wedding photos with other couples at the hotel when Chandler loses the film from his own ceremony. Meanwhile, Monica can't wait to tear into her tantalizing wedding gifts.

3. The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

with: Michael G. Hagerty as Mr. Treeger
Amanda Carlin as Dr. Long
Lynn A. Henderson as the Ticket Agent
Evie Peck as the Nurse
John O'Brien as theh Airline Employee
Anita Dashiell as the Front Desk Clerk
Shane Nickerson as the Man
Laurie Naughton as the Woman

Everybody seems to know who the daddy of Rachel's baby is except the real father -- and when he finds out, he's more concerned about other matters than his relationship with Rachel or his unborn child. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Joey fib about a gas leak to gain unusual entry into the newlyweds' apartment.

4. The One With The Videotape

with: Lisa Thornhill as Kristen

Ross's and Rachel's attempt to explain to the gang how they wound up in bed together six weeks earlier quickly devolves into an argument over who came on to whom -- until Ross shocks the room by announcing that he has the whole encounter on videotape. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler return from their honeymoon, excited at the prospect of hanging out with another just-married couple they met on the flight home...until they discover that their newfound "friends" gave them a fake phone number.

5. The One With Rachel's Date

with: Kevin Rahm as Tim
Chris Parnell as Bob
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
Geoff Pierson as Mr. Franklin
Johnny Messner as Kash

Ross is horrified to learn that Rachel is headed out on a date with a handsome soap-opera actor (guest star Johnny Messner) -- especially since she is pregnant with his child while Phoebe is attracted to a cute but klutzy sous-chef -- and protests when Monica wants to fire him. Elsewhere, Chandler torpedoes the promotion of a distant co-worker (guest star Chris Parnell) who's mistakenly been calling him "Toby" for five years.

6. The One With The Halloween Party

with: Sean Penn as Eric
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Daniel Smith as the Boy in the Cape
Rachel David as the Ballerina
Emily Osment as Lelani Mayolanofavich
Ivy Malone as the Cowgirl

At Monica's Halloween party, Phoebe meets the friendly fiance (Oscar-nominated guest star Sean Penn, "Dead Man Walking") of her ditsy twin Ursula (also played by Lisa Kudrow) but becomes alarmed when she learns that her sister has misrepresented herself to her trusting future in-law. What's more, Phoebe finds herself attracted to him as well. Elsewhere at the shindig, Monica comes disguised as Catwoman and wonders if she could take down Phoebe's Supergirl character while Chandler arrives as a bunny and mistakes Ross' giant hybrid "Spud-nik" costume for something found on a sidewalk. In addition, Rachel runs out of candy and resorts to paying trick-or-treaters.

7. The One With The Stain

with: Sean Penn as Eric
Arden Myrin as Brenda
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Dale Raoul as Mrs. Verhoeven

When a giddy Ross learns that pregnant Rachel wants to move out and find her own place, he suggests a vacancy in his building -- until he learns that the elderly occupant is not quite dead yet -- while Rachel's roomie Joey gives Ross tough competition when he puts a nursery in their apartment in an attempt to make her stay. Meanwhile, Phoebe is ecstatic when Eric (Oscar nominee and special guest star Sean Penn) dumps her twin sister Ursula and chooses her instead, and Monica comes unhinged when she suspects that her new maid is stealing her jeans, among other things.

8. The One With The Stripper

with: Ron Leibman as Dr. Leonard Green
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
Jackie Debatin as the Hooker
Fred Stoller as Stu
Martin Yu as the Waiter

Rachel resigns herself to telling her belligerent father (guest star Ron Leibman, "Norma Rae") that she is pregnant with Ross' baby -- prompting her popoff dad to confront Ross in his apartment just as he begins to snuggle up with his new girlfriend Mona (guest star Bonnie Somerville, "Shake, Rattle & Roll"). Meanwhile, Monica feels guilty for denying Chandler a stripper for his bachelor party on the eve of their wedding, so she dials one up for his enjoyment -- but she's just one number off target.

9. The One With The Rumor

with: Brad Pitt

In this Thanksgiving episode, special guest star Brad Pitt plays Will, Monica's high school friend who was the only student fatter than Monica was. She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner with the gang, unaware that he isn't exactly fond of Rachel. Meanwhile, Chandler and Phoebe pretend to be enthralled with a televised football game in order to avoid helping Monica in the kitchen. And Joey vows to devour the entire turkey single-handedly.

10. The One With Monica's Boots

with: Trudy Styler as herself
Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
Tammy Townsend as the Teacher
Marla Sokoloff as Dina
Marc Rose as Bobby

Chandler is incensed when Monica spends a fortune on a luscious pair of black boots but when she discovers that her sexy new footwear thrashes her feet, she puts on a brave front and walks on rather than admit that hubby knows best. Meanwhile, when a wide-eyed Phoebe learns that Ross' young son attends the same school as rock star Sting's son, she angles to meet the celebrity and get concert tickets -- until she runs afoul of his suspicious wife, Trudie Styler. In additon, Rachel tries to mediate between an angry Joey and his pregnant kid sister (guest star Marla Sokoloff, "The Practice").

11. The One With Ross's Step Forward

with: Bonnie Somerville as Mona
Sam McMurray as Doug
Shawn Christian as Dr. Schiff
Evie Peck as the Nurse
Wesley Thompson as the Locksmith
Ashley L. Clark as Roger

Ross becomes nervous when his new girlfriend, Mona (recurring guest star BONNIE SOMERVILLE), wants to mail cute Christmas cards with both of their pictures on it. When Rachel starts feeling the hormonal effects of her pregnancy, she desperately searches for possible romantic partners--including the always accommodating Joey. Meanwhile, newlyweds Chandler and Monica must deal with Chandler's boss, who is enduring a divorce.

12. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

with: Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben
Krista Allen as Mable
Matthew Yang King as the Student
Caryn Ward as the Waitress

WILL RACHEL BECOME EVEN MORE CHUMMY WITH OL' PAL JOEY? -- In order to prepare Joey (Matt LeBlanc) for his big date the next night, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) eagerly agrees to step out with him for a rare night on the town, but when each is pleasantly surprised with their newfound compatibility, they begin to regard each other in a way no one could have predicted. Meanwhile, a beaming Chandler (Matthew Perry) racks up a record number of points on Monica's (Courteney Cox Arquette) new Mrs. Pac-Man game machine -- but his three-letter ID might prove too offensive when young Ben (guest star Cole Mitchell Sprouse) visits. In addition, Ross (David Schwimmer) finally is allowed to teach an honors class but its cross-town location means he must break land speed records just to get there on time. Lisa Kudrow also stars.

13. The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath

with: Amanda Carlin as Dr. Long

WILL JOEY DECLARE HIS LOVE FOR RACHEL -- OR PHOEBE? -- Poor Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is driving himself crazy with guilt over his secret affection for Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) until Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) mistakenly thinks he's infatuated with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and blabs to her, which only muddies their romantic ball of confusion. Meanwhile, Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel promise not to learn the sex of their unborn child until she sneaks a peek at the doctor's confidential folder. Elsewhere, Monica urges a reluctant Chandler (Matthew Perry) to enjoy the soothing pleasures of a scented bath -- but she realizes that she's created a tub monster when she can't get him out from under the bubbles.

14. The One With The Secret Closet

with: Amanda Carlin as Dr. Long
Richard Penn as the Doctor

When a concerned Joey takes Rachel to the hospital because of pain relating to her pregnancy, he realizes that his intense romantic feelings for her are excluding Ross from the joys of impending fatherhood. Joey reluctantly makes a gallant suggestion that could change all of the friends' lives. Meanwhile, Chandler becomes obsessed with finding out what is behind the locked door of Monica's forbidden, secret closet. And Monica agrees to let Phoebe massage her--but Phoebe regrets doing so when Monica ecstatically responds with suggestive grunts and groans.

15. The One With The Birthing Video

with: Bonnie Somerville as Mona
James Michael Tyler as Gunther

Monica playfully prepares a special Valentine's Day for Chandler, complete with sexy lingerie and racy entertainment. However, Chandler is too shocked to respond favorably after accidentally viewing the wrong videotape: a birthing video meant for Rachel. Meanwhile, Ross has difficulty informing his girlfriend, Mona (recurring guest star BONNIE SOMERVILLE), that Rachel has moved in with him. His scheme to gain Mona's favor with a perfect Valentine's Day date is thwarted when Mona arrives at his apartment unannounced. Also, Phoebe tries to enliven a depressed Joey by bringing him the world's most cheerful dog.

16. The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

with: Harry Van Gorkum as Don
James Michael Tyler as Gunther
Sam Pancake as the Waiter
Terence Winter as the Waiter #2

Guilt-ridden Joey finally confesses his love for Rachel to the flabbergasted Ross. The guys agree that Joey should tell Rachel during dinner, regardless of the potential consequences. Meanwhile, Chandler becomes nervous because Phoebe's handsome new boyfriend, Don (HARRY van GORKUM), shares numerous personality traits with Monica.

17. The One With The Tea Leaves

with: Alec Baldwin as Parker
Bonnie Somerville as Mona
James Le Gros as Jim
Steve Ireland as Mr. Zelner
Mark Lutz as Mona's Date

Feeling awkward after revealing his romantic feelings to Rachel, Joey avoids contact with her. Rachel hopes to restore their friendship by telling Joey a big lie about her unborn child. Meanwhile, after studying tea leaves, Phoebe believes she will soon encounter the man of her dreams. And Ross tries to recover his favorite pink shirt from the apartment of his former girlfriend, Mona (recurring guest star BONNIE SOMERVILLE).

18. The One In Massapequa

with: Alec Baldwin as Parker
Elliott Gould as Jack Geller
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Kat Sawyer as Catherine
Ellen Gerstein as Aunt Lisa
John C. Moskoff as Uncle Dan
Tim Silva as the Male Guest
Aixa Clemente as the Female Guest

Monica becomes inarticulate while giving her toast at a 35th wedding anniversary party for her parents, Jack (recurring guest star ELLIOTT GOULD) and Judy (recurring guest star CHRISTINA PICKLES), and regrets volunteering to make the speech instead of Ross. Phoebe brings her latest boyfriend, Parker (ALEC BALDWIN - "Pearl Harbor"), an effusive optimist who is so enthusiastic about everything that he makes people crazy. Meanwhile, Ross is astounded when Jack and Judy ask him and the pregnant Rachel to pretend to be married, in order to prevent a potential scandal.

19. The One With Joey's Interview

with: Sasha Alexander as the Interviewer

Now that he has returned to starring in the daytime drama "Days of Our Lives," Joey is thrilled when his name is used in a Soap Opera Digest crossword puzzle. However, he is reluctant to let the magazine do a profile of him, because his last interview got him into so much trouble that he was terminated from his previous engagement with the show. Eager to see her own name in print, Rachel persuades him to reconsider so he can mention her, but Joey insists that all of his friends be present at the interview to ensure that he doesn't say anything controversial this time. The friends reminisce about Joey's past indiscretions in a series of clips from prior episodes.

20. The One With The Baby Shower

with: Marlo Thomas as Sandra Green
Jonathan Nichols as Ray
Adria Tennor as Katherine
Lisa Calderon as Erin
Heather Sims as the Guest

Rachel panics during a party in anticipation of her baby's birth when she realizes how totally unprepared she is to care for an infant. She reluctantly agrees to allow her frustrating mother, Sandra (recurring guest star MARLO THOMAS - "That Girl"), to move in to help her, upsetting Rachel's roommate, Ross. Meanwhile, Monica tries to atone for forgetting to invite Sandra to the party. Chandler and Ross exhaust themselves by repeatedly playing a befuddling game in an effort to help Joey prepare to audition as a television game show host.

21. The One With The Cooking Class

with: Molly Hagan as Sarah
Rena Sofer as Katie
Tucker Smallwood as Mr. Tyler
Tim Maculan as the Food Critic
Scott Richards as the Acting Teacher

When Monica's cooking at the restaurant is harshly criticized in a newspaper, she goes to a criticism class taught by the reviewer, hoping to convince him to reconsider his opinion. However, after he rejects Monica, she transfers to a beginners' cooking seminar, where she is hailed as a culinary genius. Meanwhile, Rachel gets upset when a cute salesgirl, Katie (RENA SOFER - "General Hospital"), flirts with Ross while he and Rachel are shopping for baby supplies. Also, nervous about a major job interview, Chandler receives some questionable coaching from Phoebe.

22. The One Where Rachel Is Late

with: June Gable as Estelle Leonard
Amanda Carlin as Dr. Long

When Rachel's pregnancy goes beyond her projected delivery date, the pain makes Rachel increasingly irritable--and willing to try anything that might speed the baby's arrival. Meanwhile, Monica and Phoebe place bets concerning the date of the birth. Also, Joey can only take one guest to the premiere of the World War I film in which he stars, and he chooses Chandler. Unfortunately, Chandler falls asleep during the screening, incurring Joey's wrath.

23+24. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

with: Amanda Carlin as Dr. Long
Debin Mazar as Evil Bitch
Eddie McClintock as Cliff
Maurice Godin as Sid
Rachael Harris as Julie
Tim DeKay as Marc
Jo Nell Kennedy as Nurse #1
Henriette Mantel as Nurse #2
Maggie Wheeler as Janice
Christina Pickles as Judy Geller
Mark Daniel Cade as the Doctor
Laura Margolis as Woman Giving Birth
Karin Co as Woman with Mild Contractions
Doug Looper as Grant
Jimmy Palumbo as Sick Bastard
Sarah Rush as Nurse #3

In the one-hour season finale, Rachel waits in the hospital maternity ward with the anxious Ross. However, numerous other pregnant women are wheeled in while Rachel's painful labor continues. Inspired to conceive a baby of their own, Chandler and Monica search for a private room in which to get romantic. Meanwhile, Phoebe is attracted to a handsome patient, Cliff (EDDIE McCLINTOCK). She asks Joey to pose as his daytime drama character Dr. Drake Ramoray and interrogate Cliff about his background. Recurring guest star CHRISTINA PICKLES appears as Monica's mother, Judy, and recurring guest star MAGGIE WHEELER appears as Chandler's ex-girlfriend, Janice.