Dakota Fanning plays "Mackenzie" on

10/14The One With Princess Consuela

Dale Raoul plays "Mrs. Verhoeven" on

8/7The One With The Stain

Dan Bucatinsky plays "the Waiter" on

9/5The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Dan Castellaneta plays "The Zoo Keeper" on

2/12The One With The Superbowl - Part 1

Dan Desmond plays "Professor Sherman" on

9/22The One With The Donor

Dan Gauthier plays "Chip" on

4/2The One With The Cat

Dane Anthony plays "the Bandleader" on

8/1The One After "I Do"

Daniel Caltagirone plays "The Waiter" on

4/23+24The One With Ross's Wedding

Daniel Hagen plays "The Casting Director" on

5/13The One With Joey's Bag

Daniel Smith plays "the Boy in the Cape" on

8/6The One With The Halloween Party

Danny Dayton plays "Buddy Doyle" on

2/3The One Where Heckles Dies

Danny DeVito plays "Roy" on

10/11The One Where The Stripper Cries

Dante Pastula plays "Frank Jr. Jr." on

10/2The One Where Ross Is Fine

Darlene Kardon plays "Aunt Millie" on

7/11The One With All The Cheesecakes

Darryl Sivad plays "Office Worker #3" on

1/22The One With The Ick Factor

Daryl Sabara plays "Owen" on

10/2The One Where Ross Is Fine

David Arquette plays "Malcolm" on

3/3The One With The Jam

David Dalton plays "Guest #1" on

5/15The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey

David Moreland plays "Mel" on

6/18The One Where Ross Dates A Student

David Schwimmer plays "Ross Geller" on

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David Schwimmer Arquette plays "Ross" on

6/1The One After Vegas

David Sederholm plays "Coma Guy" on

1/11The One With Mrs. Bing

David Sutcliff plays "Kyle" on

7/5The One With The Engagement Picture

David Warshofsky plays "Fireman #2" on

6/18The One Where Ross Dates A Student

DeAnna Steele plays "the Woman" on

9/13The One Where Monica Sings

Debin Mazar plays "Evil Bitch" on

8/23+24The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

Debra Azar plays "the Spa Receptionist" on

9/21The One With The Fertility Test

Debra Jo Rupp plays "Alice" on

3/18The One With The Hypnosis Tape
4/11The One With Phoebe's Uterus
4/12The One With The Embryos
4/17The One With The Free Porn
4/18The One With Rachel's New Dress
5/3The One Hundredth

Dedee Pfeiffer plays "Mary Ellen" on

9/3The One With The Pediatrician

Denise Richards plays "Cassie" on

7/19The One With Ross And Monica's Cousin

Dennis Singletary plays "Guy #2" on

6/5The One With Joey's Porsche

Dermot Mulroney plays "Gavin" on

9/11The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work
9/12The One With Phoebe's Rats
9/13The One Where Monica Sings

Devyn La Bella plays "The Little Girl" on

5/17The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss

Dina Meyer plays "Kate" on

3/19The One With The Tiny T-Shirt
3/20The One With The Doll House
3/22The One With The Screamer

Donny Osmond plays "himself" on

10/11The One Where The Stripper Cries

Dorien Wilson plays "Mr. Douglas" on

1/16The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 1)

Dorien Wilson plays "Mr. Kogen" on

2/23The One With The Chicken Pox

Doug Benson plays "Tom" on

5/7The One Where Ross Moves In

Doug Budin plays "the Librarian" on

7/7The One With Ross's Library Book

Doug Looper plays "Fireman" on

3/23The One With Ross's Thing

Doug Looper plays "Grant" on

8/23+24The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

Douglas Looper plays "The Paramedic" on

5/8The One With All The Thanksgivings

Douglas Looper plays "The Vampire" on

6/14The One Where Chandler Can't Cry