Hank Azaria plays "David" on

1/10The One With The Monkey
7/11The One With All The Cheesecakes
9/6The One With The Male Nanny
9/22The One With The Donor
9/23+24The One In Barbados Part 1 & 2

Harry S. Murphy plays "the Man at Wedding" on

8/2The One With The Red Sweater

Harry Shearer plays "Dr. Baldharar" on

1/21The One With The Fake Monica

Harry Van Gorkum plays "Don" on

8/16The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Heathcote Williams plays "The Older Guest" on

4/23+24The One With Ross's Wedding

Heather Medway plays "Kristen" on

1/14The One With The Candy Hearts

Heather Sims plays "Emily" on

7/5The One With The Engagement Picture

Heather Sims plays "the Guest" on

8/20The One With The Baby Shower

Heather Sims plays "Female Extra #2" on

9/11The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work

Heidi Beck plays "The Delivery Room Nurse" on

5/3The One Hundredth

Helen Baxendale plays "Emily" on

4/14The One With Joey's Dirty Day
4/15The One With All The Rugby
4/16The One With The Fake Party
4/17The One With The Free Porn
4/18The One With Rachel's New Dress
4/19The One With All The Haste
4/21The One With The Invitation
4/22The One With The Worst Best Man Ever
4/23+24The One With Ross's Wedding
5/1The One After Ross Says Rachel
5/4The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
5/6The One With The Yeti
5/20The One With The Ride-Along

Helen Eigenberg plays "the Realtor" on

10/14The One With Princess Consuela

Helen Hunt plays himself/unknown on

1/16The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 1)

Henriette Mantel plays "Nurse #2" on

8/23+24The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

Hillary Matthews plays "Nancy" on

3/12The One With All The Jealousy

Hira Ambrosino plays "the Nurse" on

10/13The One Where Joey Speaks French

Hope Allen plays "Karen" on

4/4The One With The Ballroom Dancing

Hugh Dane plays "Jim" on

2/6The One With The Baby On The Bus

Hugh Laurie plays "The Gentleman On The Plane" on

4/23+24The One With Ross's Wedding

Hunter Cochran plays "Guy #1" on

6/19The One With Joey's Fridge

Hunter Cochran plays "Second Dorm Guy" on

6/24The One With The Proposal, Part 1