Lara Harris plays "Obsession Girl" on

1/9The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Laraine Newman plays "Mrs. Buffay" on

2/21The One With The Bullies

Larry Cox plays "Arthur" on

6/16The One That Could Have Been, Part 2

Larry Hankin plays "Mr. Heckles" on

1/16The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 1)
1/19The One Where The Monkey Gets Away
2/3The One Where Heckles Dies
3/6The One With The Flashback

Larry Hankin plays "the Weird Man" on

1/7The One With The Blackout

Larry Joe Campbell plays "The Fan" on

6/14The One Where Chandler Can't Cry

Larry Poindexter plays "Fireman Dave" on

1/14The One With The Candy Hearts

Laura Cayouette plays "Cailin" on

3/22The One With The Screamer

Laura Dean plays "Sophie" on

3/15The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break
3/20The One With The Doll House
4/3The One With The Cuffs
4/9The One Where They're Going To A Party

Laura Margolis plays "Woman Giving Birth" on

8/23+24The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

Laura Stepp plays "Amanda" on

4/5The One With Joey's New Girlfriend

Lauren Tom plays "Julie" on

1/24The One Where Rachel Finds Out
2/1The One With Ross' New Girlfriend
2/2The One With The Breast Milk
2/4The One With Phoebe's Husband
2/7The One Where Ross Finds Out
2/8The One With The List
2/10The One With Russ

Laurie Naughton plays "the Woman" on

8/3The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

Lawrence A. Mandley plays "Security Guard" on

2/12The One With The Superbowl - Part 1

Lea DeLaria plays "Woman" on

2/11The One With The Lesbian Wedding

Leah Remini plays "Lydia" on

1/23The One With The Birth

Lee Arenberg plays "The Man" on

5/10The One With The Inappropriate Sister

Lee Garlington plays "Ronni" on

1/13The One With The Boobies

Leesa Bryte plays "Leslie" on

1/4The One With George Stephanopoulos

Leila Kenzle plays himself/unknown on

1/16The One With The Two Parts (Pt. 1)

Lela Lee plays "the Wedding Guest" on

7/11The One With All The Cheesecakes

Lewis Dix plays "Man" on

2/22The One With Two Parties

Lex Arquette plays "The Customer" on

6/13The One With Rachel's Sister

Lex Medlin plays "The Tall Guy" on

6/10The One With The Routine

Lilyan Chauvin plays "Grandma Tribbiani" on

5/19The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

Linde Gibb plays "Guest #2" on

5/15The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey

Lisa Calderon plays "Phoebe's Co-worker" on

6/16The One That Could Have Been, Part 2

Lisa Calderon plays "Erin" on

8/20The One With The Baby Shower

Lisa Calderon plays "Michelle's Friend" on

9/13The One Where Monica Sings

Lisa Jamie Cash plays "The Flight Attendant" on

5/23+24The One In Vegas

Lisa Kudrow plays "Phoebe Buffay" on

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Lisa Kudrow Arquette plays "Phoebe" on

6/1The One After Vegas

Lisa Melilli plays "Dina" on

3/11The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister

Lisa Roberts plays "Cathy" on

2/13The One With The Superbowl - Part 2

Lisa Rotondi plays "The Stripper" on

4/22The One With The Worst Best Man Ever

Lisa Thornhill plays "Kristen" on

8/4The One With The Videotape

Lise Simms plays "Kara" on

5/12The One With Chandler's Work Laugh

Logan Hudson plays "the Boy in the Doctor's Office" on

9/3The One With The Pediatrician

Lori Alan plays "Sonya" on

9/13The One Where Monica Sings

Lou Thornton plays "Gail" on

2/14The One With The Prom Video

Lou Wills plays "Customer" on

2/2The One With The Breast Milk

Louis Mandylor plays "Carl" on

6/17The One With The Unagi

Louisa Abernathy plays "Lydia" on

6/18The One Where Ross Dates A Student

Luis Antonio Ramos plays "The Tanning Salon Guy" on

10/3The One With Ross's Tan

Lynn A. Henderson plays "the Ticket Agent" on

8/3The One Where Rachel Tells Ross

Lynn Clark plays "Danielle" on

1/20The One With The Evil Orthodontist