The One With The Lesbian Wedding

Season 2 - Episode 11

Marlo ThomasSandra Green
Jane SibbettCarol
Jessica HechtSusan
Phil LeedsMr. Adelman
Candace GingrichMinister
Symba SmithChrissy
Lea DeLariaWoman

Susan and Carol announce that they are getting married and they invite Ross to the wedding. Ross refuses to go, but when Carol comes over saying the wedding is off because her parents don't approve, Ross persuades her that it doesn't matter, and he winds up walking her down the aisle. And Monica has been hired as the wedding caterer and has to get help from the gang to get everything ready in time. Joey's first day on "Days of Our Lives" airs, and he is great. One of Phoebe's patients, 82 year-old Mrs. Adelman, dies on Phoebe's massage table, and her spirit enters Phoebe. She won't leave until she has "seen everything." The "everything" that sets her free is ... the lesbian wedding. And Rachel's mom comes for a visit and likes Rachel's life so much, she thinks she might want something like it for herself -- with more money, of course. She confesses to Rachel that she's thinking of leaving Rachel's dad, which Rachel has trouble accepting at first, until her mom says that she "married her Barry".