The One With The Prom Video

Season 2 - Episode 14

Elliott GouldJack Geller
Patrick KerrThe Restaurant Manager
Christina PicklesJudy Geller
Michael Ray BowerRoy Gublik
Lou ThorntonGail
Tim BohnJonathan

Rachel tells Ross there is no chance for them -- she's been "clobbered" enough already. But when she sees the videotape of the night of her and Monica's Prom, (Rachel's date hadn't shown up and Monica's parents persuaded Ross to take her, so he got dressed up in his dad's tux and was about to make his grand entrance when they all saw that Rachel's date finally showed up and the girls were on their way out), the look on Ross' face makes it clear to her that he's been "clobbered" ten times more than she has, and she finally gives in. Meanwhile, Joey (who is finally making some money and wants to pay Chandler back for all his help in the past) gives Chandler eight hundred and twelve bucks and a gaudy, expensive gold bracelet, engraved with the words, "'To my best bud." Chandler thinks it's the ugliest thing he's ever seen but wears it anyway, because Joey gave it to him. When Joey overhears him making fun of it, his feelings are hurt. Chandler loses the bracelet and buys a new (and engraved) one to match the original; then the first one turns up in the coffee house and Chandler covers by saying he bought it for Joey. Now they have matching bracelets, and Joey feels great. Meanwhile, Monica, is having trouble getting a new job, so she thinks of asking her folks for a loan, but they expect her to rely on the 10% they taught her to put in the bank from every paycheck (which she hasn't done).