The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies

Season 2 - Episode 18

Tom SelleckDr. Richard Burke
Adam GoldbergEddie
Roark CritchlowDr. Horton
Mary GallagherTilly
Vanessa SandinAmber
Brian PosehnMessenger
Jim ReillyWriter

In an interview in Soap Opera Digest, Joey mentions that he "writes a lot of his own lines" (meaning he changes a word here and there) which pisses off the writers, who write Joey out of the show by dropping him down an elevator shaft. Joey's too embarrassed to tell his friends, so they find out by watching the episode. They're disappointed he didn't tell them, but supportive that he will get another job soon. Meanwhile, Chandler realizes his new roommate, Eddie, is a complete psycho. He accuses Chandler of having sex with his ex-girlfriend and killing his fish, then steals the insoles from all of Chandler's shoes. And Phoebe lets it slip to Richard that Monica's been with a lot of guys. Richard tells Monica he only sleeps with women he loves, which means he loves Monica! She goes to the bathroom to get a condom and she and Rachel have to "flip" a condom to decide who gets the last one because Rachel (having made the mistake of mentioning "animal" sex with Paulo to Ross) is now about to have "animal" sex with Ross, and there's only one condom left! Rachel wins the toss but when the two women come out of the bathroom, they find the two men in a heated argument