The One With The Breast Milk

Season 2 - Episode 2

Lauren TomJulie
Jane SibbettCarol
Jessica HechtSusan
Joel BeesonThe Hombre Man
Emily ProcterAnnabel
Richard LyonsMan
Stan SellersManager
Lou WillsCustomer

Ross thinks it's disgusting when Phoebe tastes Carol's breast milk while preparing a bottle for the baby, Ben. The group is divided as to whether there's anything "gross" about it. Meanwhile, everyone but Rachel has become friends with Julie. Monica, feeling like she's being "unfaithful," hides the friendship from Rachel and behaves like a guilty, unfaithful lover, buying Rachel flowers, etc. Eventually, Rachel finds a lunch receipt in Monica's jacket pocket and the truth comes out. After a girls' heart-to-heart, Rachel decides she'll try to become friends with Julie, herself. Meanwhile, a heated rivalry, a la the Old West, develops between Joey, still working at Bloomingdale's as the "Aramis Guy," and the new spritzer on the block, the "Hombre Guy".