The One With The Bullies

Season 2 - Episode 21

Peter DeLuiseCarl
Nicky KattArthur
Giovanni RibisiFrank Jr.
Laraine NewmanMrs. Buffay
James Michael TylerGunther

Two guys come into the coffeehouse and "bully" Chandler and Ross, telling them never to come back to Central Perk again. Ross and Chandler avoid the coffeehouse for awhile, but eventually decide to confront their fears and the two bullies. As all four guys get ready to "settle things" with their fists, two robbers try to run off with the watches and keys the combatants have laid aside. Their common pursuit of the thieves brings them together and the bullies agree "everything's cool." Phoebe (with Rachel and Joey) goes to her dad's house again, determined to meet him. She is chased back to the car by a tiny, yet ferocious, dog, and decides it's still not the "right" time to meet her dad. Driving away, she accidentally runs over the dog. The vet fixes him up and when Phoebe returns it, she meets her step-mother and learns that her dad also abandoned this family a few years back. The nice thing is, Phoebe and her half-brother meet and do a little sibling bonding. Meanwhile, Monica gets hooked on the stock market and loses all her savings (one hundred and twenty seven dollars). Totally broke, she has to take a job in a theme restaurant where the staff wears costumes and lip synchs to cheesy pop tunes.