The One With The Chicken Pox

Season 2 - Episode 23

Tom SelleckDr. Richard Burke
Dorien WilsonMr. Kogen
Charlie SheenRyan
Mary-Pat GreenJeannie
Steve ParkScott

Phoebe's excited because her "Submarine Guy" (Charlie Sheen), who resurfaces every two years to spend three days with her, is coming to New York for two weeks! But Phoebe catches the chicken pox from Ben, and when Ryan arrives, it turns out he hasn't had the chicken pox either. He decides he would rather get them now than sacrifice the time with Phoebe. So, they spend their two weeks together in Monica and Rachel's place and all they want to do is SCRATCH. And Joey's still looking for a job, so Chandler encourages him to use his acting skills and fake it as an entry level processor at Chandler's company. Joey takes it a little too far, making up all sorts of stuff about his character, "Joseph," and Joseph's family. Joseph becomes a great thorn in Chandler's side until Chandler decides his character "Chandy," really wants Joseph to quit, so he embarrasses him by sleeping with his "wife." And Monica lets Richard really see her true anal-retentive nature. She is relieved when Richard not only is accepting of her weird habits, but confesses to having a few himself.