The One With Phoebe's Dad

Season 2 - Episode 9

Audra LindleyFrances
Michael G. HagertyMr. Treeger

It's almost Christmas and Phoebe learns that, despite what her grandmother's been telling her, her biological father is a pharmacist who lives in upstate New York. Her grandmother lends Phoebe her cab and Phoebe gets Chandler and Joey to ride upstate with her. She spends hours agonizing over whether or not to go to the door, which prevents Chandler and Joey from getting to the outlet stores to buy their Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Rachel and Monica are broke and tip the super (Mr. Treeger) and the paperboy with cookies instead of cash. The radiator knob breaks on the night of their Christmas party and Treeger says he can't get the part any time soon. Fearing he's retaliating for the cookies, Ross (who is still trying to get Rachel to forgive him) tries to prove himself to Rachel by giving Treeger a huge tip, only to find out he was telling the truth.