The One With Rachel's New Dress

Season 4 - Episode 18

Tate DonovanJoshua
Jane SibbettCarol
Helen BaxendaleEmily
Jessica HechtSusan
Debra Jo RuppAlice
John Bennett PerryMr. Burgin
Pat CrowleyMrs. Burgin
Charlie & Jack AllenBen

In an attempt to sweep Joshua off his feet, Rachel serves her new beau a romantic dinner cooked by none other than Monica for their third date. The night is off to a wonderful start ... that is until the duck and the rooster appear. Joshua, traumatized by a childhood encounter at a petting zoo, suggests that they move the party over to his parents house, which is vacant for the time being. When Rachel decides to slip into "something a little more comfortable," Joshua's parents appear out of nowhere - their trip out of town was cut short. They make Rachel's acquaintance when they find her sprawled out on the couch in nothing more than a skimpy nighty. Trying to save face, Rachel insists that her outfit is actually a dress -- working in fashion, she's required to try out potential trends. And from the expressions on Joshua's parent's faces, Rachel knows this particular dress won't be a trend any time soon. In the end, a humiliated Rachel returns home to her apartment ... alone. Meanwhile, Alice asks Phoebe to name one of the male triplets. When Chandler decides to change his name after Joey convinces him that it's dumb, Phoebe encourages him not to when she decides to name the baby after him. Emily shows Susan a good time when she's in London shooting a commercial. A paranoid Ross convinces Carol that history may be repeating itself... are Emily and Susan an item?