The One With All The Wedding Dresses

Season 4 - Episode 20

Tate DonovanJoshua
James Michael TylerGunther
Christina MooreMarjorie
Anne BetancourtThe Saleslady
Thea MannSleep Clinic Worker

When Ross confronts Rachel and then proceeds to comfort her about his abrupt decision to marry Emily, Rachel decides to prove to Ross once and for all that she's fine with his new-found love. In fact, she tries to convince both herself and Ross that her relationship with Joshua is quite serious, as well. When Rachel goes so far as to suggest to Joshua that they, too, jump into marriage, Joshua immediately dismisses the idea and ultimately dumps Rachel. As Monica and Phoebe comfort Rachel, Ross drops by and learns of the breakup. When he offers his support and concern, Rachel doesn't get defensive because she realizes and accepts that Ross' impending nuptials have truly hurt and affected her. Rachel isn't upset about losing Joshua ... she's upset about losing Ross for good. Meanwhile, when Monica goes to pick-up Emily's wedding dress, she can't help but try it on. That night, Monica and Phoebe rind themselves running around the apartment in wedding dresses, pretending to be brides and loving every pathetic minute of it. When Chandler can't stand one more minute of Joey's snoring, he makes Joey go to a sleeping disorder clinic.