The One With The Ballroom Dancing

Season 4 - Episode 4

Jason BrooksRick
Michael G. HagertyMr. Treeger
Rhoda GemignaniMrs. Potter
E.J. CallahanMr. Simon
Brien PerryGym Employee
Christopher CarrollBank Officer
Amber SmithMaria
Hope AllenKaren
Cheryl Francis HarringtonInterviewer

When Joey chews out Mr. Treeger, the superintendent, for making Rachel cry, he nearly gets the girls evicted. To make up for it, Joey agrees to be Mr. Treeger's practice ballroom dancing partner. Mr. Treeger needs Joey's help so as to attract the attention of a certain female at the Superintendent's Ball. Ultimately, the two make great dancing partners. Meanwhile, Chandler takes Ross with him to the gym for moral support when he cancels his membership . Instead, -Ross ends up joining as well. Phoebe breaks her masseuse's oath and gets physical with one of her clients - she ends up being fired and he turns out to be married.