The One With The Routine

Season 6 - Episode 10

Elle MacphersonJanine
Patrick BristowThe Stage Manager
Lex MedlinThe Tall Guy
James Michael TylerGunther
Sandra PlazinicDancer On Platform
Sybil AzurThe Dancing Girl

Joey's roommate, Janine is hired to dance in the "New Year's Rockin' Eve" show, Joey thinks he may have a chance with Janine when she asks him to be her dance partner for the taping. She also invites Monica and Ross who are huge fans of the New Year's Special. At the show, Monica and Ross try their best to get in front of the camera, but with no success. In hopes of getting on TV, they decide to do "the routine", a dance they performed in the eighth grade talent show that won them an "honorable mention in the brother/sister dance category". Once the stage manager sees Monica and Ross perform the outdated dance routine, he wants to get them on camera to be used for a bloopers show. Meanwhile, Joey is dancing with Janine and is planning to make his move to kiss her at "fake" midnight. His chances are shot when the stage manager pairs Janine with another guy. After the taping, Janine confesses that she actually wanted to kiss Joey and creates her own New Year's kiss when they get back to the apartment. Rachel and Phoebe coerce Chandler into helping them search for their gifts from Monica. Every year, the girls have unsuccessfully searched for the presents, but this year they are determined to beat Monica at her own game. When they do find them, Chandler convinces them not to look.