The One That Could Have Been, Part 2

Season 6 - Episode 16

Jane SibbettCarol
Jessica HechtSusan
Mitchell WhitfieldBarry
Paul GleasonJack
Pat FinnDr. Roger
James Michael TylerGunther
Larry CoxArthur
Lisa CalderonPhoebe's Co-worker

Monica reveals to Rachel that she has not lost her virginity and decides that her boyfriend, Dr. Roger is going to be "the one". She prepares a special dinner for him, with plenty of "sensual" dishes, but their evening is cut short when Roger is paged by the hospital. Disappointed, Monica turns to her friend, Chandler for support. She realizes that she is much more comfortable with Chandler than Dr. Roger. Things become romantic between Monica and Chandler and they decide to sleep together. The next night, Monica has Dr. Roger over to the apartment and plans to sleep with him. Jealous because Monica is going to be with another man, Chandler gets rid of Dr. Roger by calling in a fake page from the hospital. Chandler and Monica realize that they want to be together. After almost having an affair with Joey, Rachel catches Barry in bed with another woman and leaves him. Phoebe learns that she has lost her job at Merrill Lynch and chooses a less stressful career, playing the guitar.