The One Where Ross Dates A Student

Season 6 - Episode 18

Alexandra HoldenElizabeth
Bess MeyerDana
Richard RoatBurt
Greg WranglerFireman #1
David WarshofskyFireman #2
Louisa AbernathyLydia
David MorelandMel

Ross discovers that one of a student thinks he's a "hottie" when reading his class evaluations. After the class ends for the semester, Liz, the female student who wrote the evaluation, asks Ross out on a date. He is reluctant to go on the date because he knows that although it is not against policy, the university does frown upon professors dating students. Ross decides to lead with his heart and date Liz. Unfortunately, while on a date, they bump into a few of Ross's colleagues, who inform Ross that dating students is against policy, and he could get fired for it. Ross now has to decide whether it is worth following the policy and giving up a potential relationship with Liz. Rachel and Phoebe's apartment catches on fire and the girls have to find a place to stay. Believing she started the fire because of her incense and candles, Phoebe lets Rachel stay in the beautiful guestroom at Monica's. While Phoebe is at Joey's disguising apartment, they discover the fire was actually Rachel's fault. Out of guilt, Rachel trades with Phoebe. It turns out that Rachel loves staying at Joey's because he lets her make a mess and do anything she wants. Joey begs Chandler to hit up an ex-girlfriend-turned-movie-producer for an audition for a part in her next picture. Chandler ends up having to go on a few "dates" with her to work up the nerve to ask this favor.