The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel

Season 6 - Episode 2

Ron GlassRussell
Alex Kapp HornerStephanie
Tembi LockeKarin
Janelle ParadeeMeg

At the coffeehouse, Phoebe demands to know from Ross why he didn't go through with the annulment. He explains that he couldn't go through it because his dating life will be over; no one wants to date a guy with three divorces. Phoebe walks up to three female patrons and asks them if they would date Ross, even if they knew he had three divorces. Ross explains to the women the circumstances of the three marriages and they conclude that Ross is still in love with Rachel. Meanwhile, Rachel receives a call from Ross's lawyer who tells her he is very happy Ross and her decided to give the marriage a try. Across town Ross rushes into his lawyer's office to get the marriage annulled. He must prove he is not in love with Rachel. The only problem is Ross told Rachel the annulment was final, but she must present it to be valid. Chandler and Monica get up the nerve to tell their roommates they want to live together. Joey cries and tells Monica that "Chandler is the best roommate ever". When Monica tells Rachel that Chandler will be moving in, Rachel shows no sign of being upset. Rachel doesn't think they will actually go through with it. When Monica assures her it will happen, Rachel is devastated. Ross shows up at the apartment to explain to Rachel about the annulment. She is visibly upset and he gives her a hug to comfort her. During their embrace, Ross realizes he might still be in love with Rachel.