The One With Joey's Porsche

Season 6 - Episode 5

Conchata FerrellThe Judge
James Michael TylerGunther
Kevin Rufthe Porsche Owner
Shane NickersonGuy #1
Dennis SingletaryGuy #2
Steve Piercethe Passerby

Monica and Chandler help Phoebe baby-sit the triplets, since she is overwhelmed at the prospect of being alone with them for the first time. The three make a great diaper-changing team, but when Chandler gets part of a plastic toy stuck in his throat, Monica must takes him to the hospital leaving Phoebe on her own with the babies. When they return from the hospital, Phoebe has bathed, changed diapers and put the triplets to bed, but the apartment was destroyed in the process. All is forgiven when Monica and Chandler see how proud Phoebe is of her baby-sitting job. Joey finds a set of Porsche keys that have been left in the coffeehouse. When he cannot find the owner, but does find the car, Joey pretends the car is his and revels in the attention he gets as a "Porsche owner". When the owner claims the car, a disappointed Joey dresses himself from head to toe in Porsche gear and even builds a fake car out of boxes so he can continue to get the attention that comes with owning a Porsche. Rachel, who has just discovered that she is still married to Ross, insists they go before a judge to get an annulment. In an attempt to humiliate Ross, Rachel lies on the forms, siting Ross's sexual preference (among other things) as a reason for granting their request. Her plan backfires and the judge refuses their petition and Ross and Rachel are left with no other option but to get a divorce.