The One With Ross' Teeth

Season 6 - Episode 8

Joanna GleasonKim Clozzi
Ralph LaurenHimself
Elle MacphersonJanine
Missi PyleHillary

Ross convinces Monica to set him up on a date with the assistant chef at her restaurant, Hillary. In attempt to look his best for the date, Ross decides to whiten his teeth. He leaves the substances on too long and his teeth turn a blinding white. Monica tries to help, by dressing Ross in different colored shirts to dull the whiteness, but nothing works not even putting make-up on his face. While on the date, Ross keeps his mouth closed to hide his teeth. Hillary believes he is the best listener and is really enjoying their date. Things get cozy between them and Hillary turns off all the lights except for a previously undetected black light. When Ross opens his mouth, thinking he can finally speak freely, his ultra white teeth appear to glow in the dark, freaking Hillary out and ultimately ruining Ross's chances with her. Phoebe stops by Rachel's office to use the Xerox machine and tells Rachel that while in the copy room, she made out with Ralph Lauren. Rachel uses the gossip to get her boss, Kim to like her. After, she figures out that Phoebe actually made out with the copy guy, not Ralph Lauren she must clear things up. While attempting to explain the mix up, Rachel discovers that her boss believes she was the one making out in the copy room. Afraid that her boss won't like her anymore, she goes along with the false story. Meanwhile, Joey gets lured over to a more feminine way of living, when his new roommate Janine decorates the apartment with "girly" items.