The One Where Ross Got High

Season 6 - Episode 9

Elle MacphersonJanine
Elliott GouldJack Geller
Christina PicklesJudy Geller

Monica has the gang over for Thanksgiving dinner, including her parents, Jack and Judy. Joey and Ross want to go to a dinner that Janine and her hot dancer friends are having, but Monica makes them promise to stay. Rachel is making a very special dessert for everyone and has put a lot of pressure on herself to succeed. Unfortunately, she mistakenly combined the recipes for English trifle with a shepherd's pie. Before the guests arrive, Monica has warned Chandler that her parents don't know they are dating, much less living together, so he attempts to make a good impression. He stumbles over his words while talking to the Gellers, and as a result they think he is stoned. Realizing what's going on, Ross takes Chandler aside to explain that during college, he blamed Chandler when his parents caught him smoking pot in his room. Chandler tells Monica the reason her parent's don't like him is because of Ross's lie. Meanwhile, Joey and Ross desperately want to go to "Hot Girl Thanksgiving", but Monica forces them to stay and eat Rachel's English trifle and insists Ross tell their parents the truth before he leaves. When Ross continues to stall, Monica tattles on him about the pot and he responds by telling on Monica about her living with Chandler. The sibling rivalry causes a ripple effect and everyone starts to blurt out the truth.