The One With The Engagement Picture

Season 7 - Episode 5

Eddie CahillTag
David SutcliffKyle
Julia CampbellWhitney
Caroline KeenanMelissa
Heather SimsEmily
Roger Eschbacherthe Photographer

The Gellers want to put Monica and Chandler's wedding announcement in their local paper. They decide to have professional pictures taken when they are unable to find a picture that Chandler doesn't look weird in. When they get the pictures back, they still don't have a photo that Chandler looks normal in and they end up using a picture of Joey and Monica. Phoebe and Ross date a divorced couple and get wrapped up in the couple's arguments. Rachel makes Joey take Tag out on the town because she'd rather he hang out with him than other women. Things don't go as Rachel planned, when Tag decided to get back together with his ex-girlfriend because he doesn't want to live the lonely life of a bachelor like Joey.