Dipl. Inform. Michael Beckstette

Office: M3-129 Postal Address: Technische Fakultät
Phone: +49-521-106-2914 Universität Bielefeld
Fax: +49-521-106-6411 Praktische Informatik
e-mail: mbeckste@techfak... Postfach 100 131
D-33501 Bielefeld

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Michael Beckstette received the diploma in computer science from the University of Bielefeld, Germany,in 2001.

He joined the Practical Computer Science group as a PhD student and is an associated member in the bioinformatics programm (Graduiertenkolleg 'Bioinformatik'). He is working in an industry cooperation with the Department of BioChemInformatics of Intervet Innovation GmbH, Schwabenheim, Germany. The project goal is the development of an integrated system for drug and target discovery based on large scale differential comparative genomics (Genlight system).

Research interests
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