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Learning processes / Emergentist Semantics

I pursue the quesiton of how linguistic meaning develops. In my approach, I consider the language acquisition process to be supported by both, intra and interpersonal factors. While nonverbal modalities like gesture belong to the intrapersonal factors, the guidance and assistance of parents is an environmental, and thus, interpersonal factor.

I am interested in the organisation of mind, especially in preverbal and early lexical children. By virtue of what kind of processes can their experience be turned into symbolic meaning? I claim that early use of language is situated, and semantics of communicational acts can be observed in different modalities very early in the development because it is supported by environmental cues. Children can capitalize on this low-level form of meaning developing abstract and more complex ones.

Early Literacy

Within a longitudinal study, we investigate how children are supported in learning how to "read" books..

Human-Machine Interaction

With my colleagues from Applied Informatics Group, Hybrid Society Group and Sociable Agents Group, we are working on multimodal influences on memory processes, which will be implemented on artificial systems in order to allow for more intuive communication with them.

Rhetoric and communication

Since 1995 I am a trainer in Rhetoric, Communication and Speech. I also develop seminars about learning processes to inform adults about new research in cognitive science.


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