Till Bovermann

Till Bovermann


Until 2010, Till Bovermann worked as a research assistant at the >Ambient Intelligence Group at the Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence at Bielefeld University (>CITEC). He was also involved in the C5 project Alignment in AR-based cooperation of the >SFB673-Alignment in Communication. Previously, he worked as a research assistant at the >Neuroinformatics Group. He received his diploma in Information Technology and the Natural Science with a focus on robotics in 2004. His current research interests are the integration of auditory displays and tangible interfaces to form an integral system for data emersion into the human life world. He is currently member of the >Medial Lab Helsinki.

His arts-related interests are in media arts, especially interactive performances and just-in-time programming of musical and visual structures. He is a co-founder of >Too Many Gadgets, a live-coding group that attempts to capture the relationship of space, sound and vision. Their latest project ...between... was shown at the Nacht der Klänge 2008 at Bielefeld University.

Please also visit my private homepage >LFSaw.de, my photo-related >weblog or my page on research in >tangible and auditory interfaces.

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