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Joint Attention

Interaktion mit Max auf dem Flur


SFB 673 - A1 - Modelling Partners


Dr. Nadine Pfeiffer-Leßmann
Prof. Dr. Ipke Wachsmuth

Project Description

Sharing the focus of visual attention with an interlocutor on objects in the environment and at the same time sharing intentions relating to the objects: this is what we call joint attention. It is a necessary precondition for many joint actions and a way of grounding communication.

In this project we address the following questions:

Progress Report

Starting with the model of joint attention from Pfeiffer-Lessmann & Wachsmuth (2008, 2009), we have conducted an interactive study with the virtual agent Max to assess the timing of the individual phases of the joint attention model. In this study, we recorded the eye gaze of the participants during schematized interactions with Max. The results of our study are described in Pfeiffer-Lessmann et al. (2012a, 2012b).

We are currently running a second experiment on human-human interactions aiming at a data-driven model for the sequence of communication behaviors which together help to construct joint attention.


Max explains the concept of joint attention

In this video, the virtual agent Max explains the concept of joint attention and shows some basic examples.

This video has been presented at ETRA 2012 during a presentation of 3D attention visualizations. Klick here to access the slides of the talk.