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Mediated Communication


PASION - Psychologically Augmented Social Interaction Over Networks

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Project Description

In the PASION project, funded by the EU in the FRP 6 / IST program, new methods to support social interaction over networks were researched and developed.

More information about the projects can be found on a dedicated website: The PASION project at Bielefeld University.

Video Interactive Social Displays

The Interactive Social Display is one of the concepts developed within the first phase of the PASION project. The vision was to create an infrastructure for immersive virtual reality tele-conferences, which supports 3D video and audio. These more traditional modalities were then augmented using additional information, such as physiological or emotional data.

Tele-Conferences between Reality and Virtual Reality


SFB 360


Matthias Weber
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jung

In the frame of the Sonderforschungsbereichs 360, "Situierte Künstliche Kommunikatoren", a demonstrator for the construction of virtual prototypes with speech and gesture has been developed (more information on CODY and later Virtual Workspace). The demonstrator required an immersiven Virtuellen Realität-Installation, or at least a powerfull desktop workstation.

In the original version, the system was restricted to single user interactions with the local user. In our project together with Matthias Weber and Bernhard Jung, at that time at ISNM in Lübeck, we have removed this restriction and made the application to support multi-user interactions with a speech interface. This was basically achieved by adding support for the video-conferencing standard H.323 and an intelligent extension of the existing scene graph.

Some highlights of the solution:

The video shows an example target scenario realized with the system: A local user is working on a virtual prototype. At some point he requires support form a colleague. With the developed solution, he can call for help and the communication partner can share his virtual environment without any special requirements. The colleague can then make the necessary construction steps using the remote speech interface.

Support of different devices

An important aspect of the project was the support of a broad bandwidth of target devices. In the following video, we demonstrate the access of the virtual construction space with different applications:


Remote Invitee - "Look around" tele-presence

Project Description

In this master project (part of the ISY master program), our team developed a solution to improve presence in a video tele-conference. The RemoteInvitee prototype is based on OpalVoip and thus is compatible with common video-conferencing standards. The system supports active cameras which can be controlled just by looking "through the screen" from different perspectives - as if looking through a normal window. The perspective of the user is tracked using computer vision and the camera on the remote site is oriented accordingly. In addition to that, a microphone array is used and the direction of audio signals originating from sources outside the current perspective of the video camera are signalled visually to support re-orientation of the user.