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Mobile Cognitive Assistance Systems (MoCAS)

This line of research is aiming at wearable mobile assistance systems, that provide support for cognitive demanding tasks.

Interaktion mit Max auf dem Flur

Intelligent Chess Tutor (AudibleEyed)

Have you ever tried learning chess? If you did, you know that there is a steep learning curve and once you know the basics, the manifold of possible strategies is overwhelming.

What if you had a personal coach that adapts to your personal skill level and provides assistance and feedback?

In this project, we are working on an intelligent chess tutor that is part of intelligent glasses. You can think of it as a App (yet a very advanced one), but instead of standard smartphones it can be installed on a pair of intelligent glasses.

The intelligent glasses are an interesting piece of hardware of current research. The prototype has a camera to analyse the environment in real-time.

Different stages of the computer-vision based detection of the chess board

In addition to microphones for speech input it also has cameras recording the eye movements. This enables totally new interaction methods with the environment, as the eyes not only tell us something about the moves the wearer is thinking about, but are also useful for direct interactions.

Project goals:

Intelligent Glasses: Personal Decision Assistance at the Point-of-Sale

There are many situations where coming to an optimal decision requires lots of efforts. A particular common example are shopping decisions at the point-of-sale. The bandwidth of products available is overwhelming and the individual differences are often not so easy to pick-up or you have to pick-up many products from the shelves because the information is hidden on the backside.

In this project, we are working on an interactive decision assistance that provides personalized decision support at the point-of-sale.

Identification of products in a shelf at the point-of-sale based on eye gaze.

The image above shows part of our current work in identifying the objects available in the shelf based on computer-vision techniques.

Project goals