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Social Networks

Online social networks are an interesting research topic from a user interaction perspective. They have the broadest imaginable user community. While most approaches addressing the user interface of such communities are targeting at optimizing the user experience of the individual, I am more interested in revealing the richness of the data that is collected and hosted in such communities to the individual. On the one hand, this empowers the individuals to make more out of the data they have provided. On the other hand, the outreach of the data is revealed, aiming at a better understanding of privacy issues and the relevance and importance of personal information.

FriendGraph3D - 3D Visualizations for Facebook

In social graphs that are created in a crowd-sourced manner e.g. by participating in social network communities such as Facebook or Last.FM, there are many information hidden in the structure that are not obvious to those providing all these information. FriendGraph3D was designed to visualize the structure of the created graph, revealing e.g. clusters of people that are related. FriendGraph3D was realized as an App on Facebook.

SONAR - Interaktion mit Last.FM

Social networks contain many information that may be structured, by relations provided by the service, or unstructured (e.g. post entries). In this project we addressed the structured relations available in the social network of Last.FM. This network provides information about music experiences, bands, songs and the fan community.

Starting point of the project was, that the traditional web-based interface to the social network Last.FM was considered sub-optimal for answering many structural questions (e.g. What is the common taste in music of my friends? With whom may I join a concert of X?)

We designed and implemented an immersive graph-based visualization that allowed for an interactive exploration of the rich hypergraph of Last.FM.