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Virtual RoboCup

The RoboCup Initiative

RoboCup, the Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, is an international research effort in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent robotics.

Virtual RoboCup

Virtual RoboCup aims at developing realtime 3D visualizations of RoboCup simulation league soccer games by adding articulated 3D body models to the original 2D simulation. The main scientific and technical challenge lies in the step-keeping computation of realistic task-level 3D body dynamics, including running and kicking, given 2D input data only. The basic idea is to enhance original RoboCup simulator output with intermediate states during which all kicking actions occur. Thus, an animation running with at least twice the speed of the input data is generated.

We have also used Virtual RoboCup in a psychological experiment on human perception of detail in 3D character animation. Although observers failed to consciously notice the experimental variations of animation style our results show clear effects on judgments about the teams playing skills.

Virtual RoboCup's 3D monitor can be used instead of or in parallel to RoboCup's official 2D monitor. The 3D monitor runs on SGI grahics workstations under irix6.


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