Welcome to the Documentation of the Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment

This is the user documentation for the LSP CSRA project’s 0.17 release (built on 2019-11-14). It is produced with Sphinx (http://sphinx-doc.org/), thus it will be versioned and reflect the according system status. The documentation for each release is built on our continous integration server and deployed on a web server (http://ayq.csra.cit-ec.de:8080/) which is accessible from the university-internal network (incl. VPN).

This is not the place for component documentation, e.g., API Docs etc. Also, component descriptions are located in toolkit.cit-ec.de. This documentation is intended to provide a high-level user-centered view, such as:

  • Where can I find the source code for a component?
  • How can I start the component?
  • What interfaces does a component provide?
  • Example usage (code)
  • Visualizations for specific components
  • Stand-alone visualizations
  • Prerequisites for creating own components
  • What kind of hardware do we have?
  • Where can I find a specific piece of hardware?
  • How is the hardware interconnected (cabling)?
  • What tests do we currently employ?
  • How can the tests be carried out?
  • How can I write a test for my component?
  • How to record data?
  • Großgerätebegehung
  • How to give a demo?
  • Tips & tricks
  • Links to external howtos
  • Audio does not work
  • Dialog is stuck

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