The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss

Season 10 - Episode 1

Paul RuddMike
Aisha TylerCharlie
Anne DudekPrecious

Still in Barbados after Ross' keynote address, the friends cope with a variety of dilemmas. Ross has kissed his colleague Charlie Wheeler (recurring guest star AISHA TYLER - "Talk Soup"), although she is still officially dating Joey. Joey and Rachel have kissed as well, but they agonize over how to tell Ross. Phoebe's former boyfriend, Mike (recurring guest star PAUL RUDD - "The Cider House Rules"), has followed Phoebe to the island and proposed marriage to her, despite his being in a relationship with someone else. And Monica has developed really big hair, due to the humidity. Chandler's problem is that he can barely keep from making fun of his wife. Phoebe, Monica and Chandler learn about all the romantic drama by listening through the thin hotel room walls to hear Joey and Rachel's amorous conversation on one side and Ross and Charlie's on the other. Feeling as if he is betraying Joey, Ross seeks him out to confess that he wants to date Charlie. Likewise, Joey wants to admit to Ross his feelings for Rachel. After several tries, Ross tells Joey, but Joey fails to reciprocate. Meanwhile, Monica gets her hair done in a local salon and is thrilled to sport cornrows adorned with beads and shells. Chandler and the others are even more mortified than before. Monica insists on keeping the hairstyle--until her elaborate hair gets tangled in the shower curtain. Back in New York, Phoebe is forced to tell Mike's girlfriend the bad news--on the unfortunate woman's birthday. And, still not aware of Joey and Rachel's relationship, Ross is amazed when he witnesses them kissing.