The One After Ross Says Rachel

Season 5 - Episode 1

Elliott GouldJack Geller
Tom ContiStephen Waltham
Jennifer SaundersAndrea Waltham
Helen BaxendaleEmily
Christina PicklesJudy Geller
Peter EyreThe Registrar

Picking up at the altar where we left them, Ross stumbles through the rest of the vows after mistakenly saying Rachel's name rather than Emily's. At the reception Emily locks herself in the bathroom. Rachel comments that when she locked herself in the bathroom at her wedding, she was trying to break open the window and get the hell out of there. Ross bursts into the bathroom to find the window open and Emily gone. Ross sets off to find Emily, while Rachel ponders the meaning of Ross having said her name at such a crucial moment. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler agree to continue their affair only while in London -- once they return to New York, they return to just being friends. They attempt to find solitude with one another, but are thwarted at each turn, finally ending up in the honeymoon suite, the one place they're certain will be empty. Ross shows up, though, still searching for Emily. So instead of sharing one last night of passion, they end up comforting Ross when Emily fails to return. As Ross sits at the airport listening to the final boarding call for his honeymoon flight to Athens, Rachel shows up, still trying to catch a flight home. She convinces Ross to go on his honeymoon alone, to take some time for himself. He then invites her to come along -- he could use a friend. As they are about to board the plane, Ross spots Emily watching him take Rachel on their honeymoon. As she runs off, Ross heads after her, leaving Rachel alone on the plane. Back in New York, the rest of the gang has returned home to a very pregnant Phoebe, and Monica and Chandler agree that they must end their affair. But the passion soon overpowers their rationale and they can't resist one more time...