The One With The Fake Monica

Season 1 - Episode 21

Claudia ShearFake Monica
Karla Tamburellithe Teacher
Harry ShearerDr. Baldharar
Philip Rayburn SmithActor

Monica's credit card number is stolen and someone is going nuts with it, doing all the things Monica wishes she could do. When Monica finds the woman, she realizes how envious she is of her zest for life. Monica (using the name Monana) joins her in all sorts of crazy adventures -until the credit card people catch up with "fake Monica" and she is arrested. And Marcel is humping everything in sight so Ross takes him to the vet who tells him Marcel has reached sexual maturity and needs "companionship," which means Ross has to give him up. So (in a college-application spoof), they begin to apply to zoos, and barely escape the clutches of an evil man. Marcel is "accepted" at San Diego and the group has to say "goodbye." Meanwhile, Joey tries to find a good stage name.