The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Season 1 - Episode 24

Lauren TomJulie
Corinne BohrerMelanie
Tommy BlazeCarl
Kerrie KlarkFlight Representative

Ross has to make an emergency trip to China for the museum but, before he goes, he leaves Rachel's birthday present with Chandler. When she is overwhelmed by it, Chandler lets it slip that when Ross fell in love with Carol, he bought her something extravagant, too, and voila, Rachel finds out how Ross feels about her. Still uncertain how she feels about him, she tries to catch Ross at the airport, but arrives after he has boarded the plane. She tries to get a message to him but, unbeknownst to Rachel, it gets delivered to the wrong guy. Then, Rachel starts to wonder if getting together with Ross is such a great idea after all. on the one hand, Ross really " a great guy. on the other hand, what would things be like if they broke up? She finally decides to go for it, and goes to the airport to meet Ross when he returns from China. But he gets off the plane with his new girlfriend, Julie. (The episode, and the season, ends before Rachel sees them.) Meanwhile, Joey is participating in a fertility study which cramps his style with his new woman until he learns that he can simply "be there for her."