The One With All The Candy

Season 7 - Episode 9

Eddie CahillTag
Cole Mitchell SprouseBen
Amy Hillthe Woman
Steve IrelandMr. Zelner
Jonathan FloydGary
Ashley L. Clarkthe Man

Monica decides to make candy for the neighbors so they can get to know them better. The candy is such a big hit with the neighbors that Monica is going crazy trying to keep up with the demand. Chandler finally has to put a stop to the candy making before Monica has a nervous breakdown. Ross buys Phoebe a bike when he learns she never had one as a little girl. The gang soon discovers that Phoebe doesn't know how to ride a bike, so he offers to teach her. Rachel fills out a "joke" job evaluation for Tag. Unaware that it was meant for his eyes only, Tag send it straight to Human Resources. They then try to figure out how to get the evaluation back without exposing their relationship.