The One With The Pediatrician

Season 9 - Episode 3

Paul RuddMike
Dedee PfeifferMary Ellen
Elaine HendrixSally
Gregory WhiteDr. Gettleman
Angee Hughesthe Nurse
Greta Seshtathe Receptionist
Ashly Hollowaythe Girl in the Doctor's Office
Logan Hudsonthe Boy in the Doctor's Office

Rachel's constant calls to her baby Emma's pediatrician force him to reject her as a patient. Ross becomes uncomfortable when Rachel seeks his childhood doctor as a replacement--mainly because he is still Ross' doctor. Meanwhile, Chandler plans to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for work but worries about whether or not career-minded Monica is still willing to join him. And Joey and Phoebe agree to find each other companions for a double date. When Joey forgets to do his part, he panics and invites a stranger, Mike (recurring guest star PAUL RUDD - "The Cider House Rules").