The One Where Monica Sings

Season 9 - Episode 13

Paul RuddMike
Dermot MulroneyGavin
Melissa GeorgeMolly
Jennifer AspenMichelle
Lori AlanSonya
Lisa CalderonMichelle's Friend
Kristen Arizathe Receptionist
DeAnna Steelethe Woman
Megan LinderWoman #2

While Rachel sorts out her conflicted feelings for her handsome co-worker Gavin (recurring guest star DERMOT MULRONEY), Ross recruits Chandler to help him meet attractive women in order to make Rachel jealous. Meanwhile, Phoebe regrets bringing Monica to karaoke night when Monica takes the microphone and delights in the applause--unaware that the guys in the audience are cheering because they can see through her dress. And Joey submits to painful eyebrow waxing before a photography session. Recurring guest star MELISSA GEORGE appears as Molly.