The One In Barbados Part 1 & 2

Season 9 - Episode 23+24

Hank AzariaDavid
Paul RuddMike
Aisha TylerCharlie
John BalmaProfessor Oberblau
Audrey WasilewskiSarah
Robert Alan BeuthProfessor Klarik
Alison ShanksMrs. Oberblau
Joe Everett Michaelsthe Waiter

Ross is so excited to deliver a keynote address at a paleontologists convention on Barbados that he procures free passes to the event for all his friends. On the island, Joey is amazed that Ross is the one being recognized by fans instead of him, but at least Joey is still dating gorgeous paleontologist Charlie (recurring guest star AISHA TYLER), to Ross' chagrin. Having recently ended her relationship with Mike (recurring guest star PAUL RUDD), Phoebe brings her former boyfriend, David (recurring guest star HANK AZARIA), to the island. In Part I, when Chandler accidentally erases the only version of Ross' speech from his laptop computer, Charlie must help Ross reconstruct it--and in the process, they discover that they have much more in common than their profession. Meanwhile, Joey and Rachel get drunk together after impersonating pharmacists and infiltrating a medical conference for the free drinks. And Phoebe is shocked when Mike unexpectedly travels to the island to talk to her. In Part II, despite the fact that it is the first sunny day since their arrival, everyone attends Ross' speech, which is enthusiastically received by his adoring fellow scientists. Later, Monica and Mike (recurring guest star PAUL RUDD) take part in an extremely competitive, marathon ping-pong match, alarming Chandler but arousing Phoebe. And Ross' and Joey's fortunes change after revelations by Charlie and Rachel.