The One With All The Haste

Season 4 - Episode 19

Helen BaxendaleEmily
James Michael TylerGunther
Michael ConnorThe Singing Man

The girls are desperate to get their apartment back. When they offer the boys season tickets to the Nicks, Chandler decides that that's not enough (although it's tempting). Rachel throws out the idea of holding one more contest, but this time it's all or nothing. When the score is still tied at zero/zero after numerous rounds of silly games, the girls call it off and offer the boys one last chance at taking the tickets and giving them back their apartment. When Chandler and Joey appear to be content with watching the Nicks game on TV in their apartment, a frantic Monica suggests that not only will the boys get the season tickets if they so choose, but she and Rachel will indulge their lesbian fantasy and kiss in front of them. The boys move out of the apartment with enormous smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, Ross can no longer contain his deeply felt love for Emily. When he admits to the guys that he has an impulse to ask her to marry him, Chandler and Joey talk him out of it and encourage him to fight the urge. Finally, Ross can't stand it anymore and he proposes to a surprised Emily, who eventually says "yes." When Ross breaks the news to the gang, everyone immediately looks to Rachel for a reaction. Rachel,. doing a fine job of hiding her shock and disappointment, congratulates Ross to everyone's relief.