The One The Morning After

Season 3 - Episode 16

Ross has slept with Cloe, the woman from the copy shop. He wakes up and hears a message Rachel left for him on his answering machine. Rachel says she wants to make up and is coming over in the morning to make up, forcing Ross to hide Cloe from Rachel. Joey and Chandler then tell Ross about "the trail." The trail of people linking Cloe to Rachel. Ross frantically chases the trail, trying to hide his night with Cloe from Rachel but he's too late. Gunther has told Rachel. The two spend the night arguing in Monica and Rachel's apartment while the rest of the friends are trapped in Monica's room--they're too afraid to go in the living room while Ross and Rachel are fighting. Monica and Phoebe have ordered a body wax product they've seen on an infomercial that promised pain-free hair removal. The product causes incredible pain, however, and they put some on Joey's arm when he doesn't believe them. Rachel decides that she and Ross need to break up.