The One At The Beach

Season 3 - Episode 25

Phoebe discovers that the woman she is named after lives at a nearby beach. The friends go with Phoebe to the beach, staying at a house owned by one of Phoebe's clients. The beach house is filled with sand, as its owner has never repaired it after the floods, giving the group nothing to do. Ross and Rachel constantly flirt during the trip. Joey insists on playing strip poker, but no one has cards. Using what they have in the house, they play the Happy Days game, but with strip poker rules. The group gangs up on Joey, making him the only one who strips. Bonnie, the woman Ross has been seeing, shows up, making Rachel uncomfortable. Phoebe speaks with the woman she's named after, and after their meeting is convinced the woman is hiding something. Phoebe breaks into her home to snoop and is discovered. Phoebe Sr. comes clean--she wasn't a friend of Phoebe's mother as she earlier explained, she's Phoebe's real mother. Meanwhile, Rachel convinces Bonnie to shave her-head again. Now Ross couldn't be less attracted to her. He asks Rachel why she would do such a thing and she admits to still being in love with Ross. They have a short kiss before they're interrupted by Chandler and Joey. Rachel goes to bed. Bonnie then shows up and tells Ross she's going to bed. Ross enters a bedroom--but who's bedroom? Chandler teases Monica because she claims Chandler isn't "boyfriend material".