The One With A Chick & A Duck

Season 3 - Episode 21

Jon FavreauPete Becker
James Michael TylerGunther

Pete buys a restaurant and asks Monica if she'll be his chef. He assures her that he's not trying to win her over. Phoebe sees through him and tells Pete she thinks he's doing it to win Monica over. Pete confesses but makes Phoebe promise not to tell. Not wanting to break her promise, Phoebe gives Monica hints, but she can't decipher Phoebe's clues. Pete shows Monica the restaurant where he comes on to her again. Monica tells him that she can't accept the job because she doesn't want to hurt Pete. She gives Pete a good-bye kiss and Pete answers with a more passionate kiss. Floored by this, Monica sees something in Pete that she hadn't seen before and the two kiss even longer. Ross has an opportunity to be on the Discovery channel but blows it off so he can help Rachel, who injured herself in Monica's diner and needs to be taken to the hospital. After seeing a news story on chicks as terrible Easter presents, Joey decides to purchase one. The chick causes Joey and Chandler to fight like a married couple, so Chandler attempts to return the bird. At the store Chandler learns that baby chicks without homes are put to sleep, just like other animals. Chandler not only doesn't give the chick back, he rescues a duck from a similar fate by adopting it.