The One With The Tiny T-Shirt

Season 3 - Episode 19

Steven EckholdtMark
Jon FavreauPete Becker
Dina MeyerKate
Reg RogersThe Director
James Michael TylerGunther
Ethel AylerHospital Administrator

Rachel asks Ross to come over. He thinks she wants to talk but she just wants to give him back all of his stuff she happens to have. Hurt, Ross notices that something is missing, a tiny T-shirt of his that Rachel likes to sleep in. Rachel thought she could keep it because it's too small for Ross, but Ross insists on giving the shirt back. He later tries to wear it and it couldn't be any smaller on him. Later, Mark admits that he has a crush on Rachel and asks her out. Ross bumps into them as they leave for their date and spends the rest of the evening trying to spy on them from Chandler's peep-hole. When Rachel brings Mark back into her apartment she tells him that the time isn't right and she's not ready to see another man. Later Rachel finds a box of her things that Ross had dropped off at the apartment. Included in the box is the tiny T-shirt Rachel loved so much. Monica sees Pete again, and while she thinks he's the nicest guy she just isn't attracted to him. Each time they go out she finds a new way not to kiss him. Joey has a part in a play and cannot get along with the female lead, Kate, because he's terribly attracted to her.