The One With The Giant Poking Device

Season 3 - Episode 8

Joey tells Chandler that Janice is back with her husband. Chandler wants to confront Janice but Joey tells him he should bow out and let Janice try to make things work with her husband (and their child). Chandler speaks with Janice, tells her to go back to her husband, then begs her to stay with him. Ultimately, Janice returns to her husband. Rachel and Monica have to take care of Ben and Monica accidentally bangs Ben's head on the ceiling. They try to hide it from Ross, but he manages to find out. Phoebe won't see a dentist because she's convinced people die when she does. The friends convince her that she's being silly. She goes, and the friends notice that Ugly Naked Guy has been awfully still on his hammock. Phoebe's convinced he's dead. They construct a giant poking device out of chop sticks to prod him and see if he's alive. He is, and they wake him up.