The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel

Season 3 - Episode 4

Jane SibbettCarol
Jessica HechtSusan
Maggie WheelerJanice
Charlie & Jack AllenBen
Edo AzranYoung Ross
Sierra Dawn HillYoung Monica

Phoebe forgets to tell Joey about an audition but makes up for it by calling the casting director and pretending to be an agent; She's so good at it that Joey asks her to represent him full time. Phoebe tries it, but can't handle the amount of rejection Joey receives. Ross cannot accept that Ben enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and pushes masculine toys onto him. Chandler's fear of commitment may cause Janice to leave him. Rachel and Monica convince him to pass through the metaphorical tunnel towards commitment. Chandler does just that, but to an extreme and he scares Janice away. Rachel and Monica welcome Chandler, who's now alone, to their side of the tunnel. Chandler then calls Janice and confesses his true feelings. All is forgiven.