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Jens Stoye's Recent Talks

Searching for Genomic Variants in Multiple Genomes at Once (most recent pdf)

Genome Rearrangement by Double Cut and Join (most recent pptx)

The Potential of Family-Free Genome Comparison (most recent pdf)

Approximative Gencluster (most recent pdf, in German)

Computational Characterization of Short Environmental DNA Fragments (most recent pdf)

Computational Aspects in Gene Order Studies (most recent pdf)

Wer suchet, der findet. Oder: Wie finde ich am besten? (in German)

A Unifying View of Genome Rearrangements (most recent pdf)

Index Structures in Biological Sequence Analysis: From Simplicity to Complexity and Back (most recent pdf)

Counting Suffix Arrays and Strings (most recent ppt)

Suffix trees, Affix trees, and some of their applications (most recent pdf)

New Models and Algorithms for Genome Comparison (most recent pdf)

Algorithmic Complexity of Protein Identification: Combinatorics of Weighted Strings

Finding Repetitive Structures in Large Sequences (most recent pdf)

Repeat Analysis on a Genomic Scale (most recent pdf)

Jens Stoye